maandag 2 mei 2011

Afterwork session @ Horst 2th may 2011

First time with the P7 AC-1 2k11 6.3m2 that on my falcon 102 (my biggest board.)

I arrived a bit late, around 6.30pm on the water... Did a few runs before darkness came in. I had some doubts to rig my 7.2m2 again and then be fullpower.. but I wanted to try out my new 6.3m2 aswell. 6.3 it is. A bit low end for a change. Once again i had rotationproblems with the cambers in this AC1-2k11. Probably have to sand down my bottum batten aswell, as i did on the 7.2m2, which worked out okay afterwards. Besides the rotation error, this sail has an enormous drive. Didnt thought this combination would be so fast today.

My fastest runs were in the late evening, when i switched my c3 venom 32 to a smaller venom 30cm. with the 32cm i couldnt get it over 66kmh.

Just wanting to see what a smaller fin would do under this board.In combination with the Venom 32cm my streamlined extension was set on +8cm, with 1cm left below the pulley with boomlength 1.875m. Later on when i changed fins to 30cm,

i pulled it to the max,

with a boomlength 1.90m.

Surprisingly enough the wind became less and less, but speeds were improving. Im glad having a PR with my biggest board.

A max gps 67,10kmh which felt really easy. Perhaps some day ill hit the 70kmh with this board.

Around 6.30pm the conditions were like 16-26knots dropping down to 14-21knots - North East winddirection. Most people were allready gone when i came on as you can see here

GPS Speedranking for todays session, glad not being the last one ;o)

Time to go home

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