woensdag 30 maart 2011

Rigging my new sails AC1-2k11

When my babygirl was laying in her bed this afternoon, I did some rigging in my livingroom.
First i pulled out 6.3m2 out of the sack.

A few detailshots: (click on the picture for a bigger version)

It took a quite a while to put the cams on.. then i realised..Oyeah!! there was a riggingguide movie for these sails on vimeo ;o)

AC-1 Rigging Guide (Race) from Point-7 on Vimeo.

Watched it and gave it a another try.

Rigged thet 6.3m2 with the settings +8cm and +10cm on the streamlined extension with the SDM c100 430 recommended mast.

Later on rigged the 7.2m2 aswell for the first time.. (D.Boisen from P7 said after seeing these pictures there was a bit much tension on the cross battens, and probably a bit to much down and outhaul)

Extension was set on 30cm. maximally pulled. (recommended 30-32cm)

Looks like its having a bit much downhaul indeed(with the recommended setting)
Boom was set on 1.95cm (recommended 192cm +-3cm)

dinsdag 29 maart 2011

First part shipment AC1-2K11's arrived!

Finally the first shipment arrived. 6,3m2 - 7,2m2 AC1 2K11 and C100 430SDM.

somewhere in april will arrive the second part of the shipment. (The point-7 AC1 2K11 7.9m2.)
Tommorow ill do some rigging and make some pictures from them.

Perhaps im able to use the 7.2m2 allready next thursday with my Fanatic Falcon 102. if i can find a babysitter ;o)
More news soon.

donderdag 10 maart 2011

10-03-11 @ Wijk aan Zee with the Rocketfish!

It's been a long day.. finally home after an hour drive, and another hour trafficjam. But hey.. it was worth it.
Easy conditions. About 6-7 beaufort in a southwest direction. from time to time the sun came by. Great. The weathertemperature was stil about 4 degrees..

tuning..bit more low end cause i was lacking power at times. a 5.0m2 would of been a better option for me i think. But didnt feel like changing and the walk back to the parking.

Got spotted by Torben, trough the webcam from the aloha beachclub.

took my gopro hd cam with me today.
Perhaps a lil muvee anytime soon