woensdag 6 mei 2015

Liberationday 5th of may 2015 - One handed pushloop (attempt)

Just one of these days when you feel the pressure when Photographer J.P. van Popta  is aiming his Canon Zoomlens at you. haha
Awesome shot!  Thanks Jepe.nl

maandag 4 mei 2015


STORMCHASER from Surfjunky on Vimeo.

Aloha! For more then 2 decades I have been storm chasing. Finding my moments of innerpeace in absolute chaos within hurricane weatherconditions. The bigger the storm, the more i love it! It will set your minds free. In that moment, it will make you forget all the problems/stress you may have in life. Just you being one with nature in its most extreme way. Out of control or being in control. Its just all a matter of seconds. Surviving and making the right decision on that right moment. Sometime nature decides for you and you just have to accept where it leads to. Crashing hard, broken equipment, or even worse. This footage is from the last several storm chases i have been in, including the biggest storm from 2015, 31th of March! On that particular day i was the only windsurfer out there. 2 photographers were standing along the beachbreak making pictures from this session, but also standby to call the rescuebrigade, if something bad would happen. About the vid; i tried to combine my high(est) jumps with loops, tabletops, crashes @Hurricane Forces. The actioncam/GoPro makes the waves look smaller though, but for sure it was big! You have to trust me on that one. haha Homespot: IJmuiden & Wijk aan zee - Netherlands. What can i say! I love windsurfing! Feel Free to SHARE THE (VID) STOKE! & I hope you will enjoy the Rush! Mahalo, Edwin van Santen Music by: Hot Noizes – Feel. Camera: GoPro Black 3. Powered by: #Maui Ultra Fins, #Boardkings.com Photo by: Andre van Santen. Edited by: Edwin van Santen.

zondag 29 maart 2015

New Video. Lets RIDE! (FLIKKA EDBOX vs 5-OCEANS 6.2m2)

Lets RIDE ! (FLIKKA EDBOX vs 5-OCEANS 6.2m2) from Surfjunky on Vimeo.

Aloha! Its been 2yrs ago that i put a surfvid online. Last weekend, i had some fun on the big equipment 100+liter waveboard (my customized Flikka EdBox trailer concept) combined with my biggest lightwind 5-Oceans wavesail having a supersession low-end on the 6.2m2! It was a blast. MAX fun with MINimal winds. The big wavesail felt like if it was a 5.0m2 in hands. Just sharing the stoke and my passion. Windsurfing! (This time, no crazy or high jumps. I was not able to do that really with approx.16-20 knots :-P ) Hope you will enjoy the ride! & have fun watching. Share the stoke! Filmed/edited by: GoPro hero 3 black, E.van Santen BK intro/outro by: W. Eikendal Music by: Hot Noizes-Pandoras Box & Dragonette Mike Mago -outlines. Powered by: boardkings.com facebook.com/boardkings mauiultrafins.eu flikkaboards.com 5-oceans.com

zaterdag 10 januari 2015

In the Eye of the Storm 22th dec. 2014

Enjoying nature

22th of december 2014


Mental preparation! Another Stormchase coming up!

Tommorow...     Force 8 upto 10 Beaufort!

Trying out a new spot down south..... Cant wait!

Only packed up my storm equipment.
P7 Swags 3.2/3.7/4.2  and my fully customized Flikka Jesus Christ 5fincombo board. Im sure it will survive me trough the day..


01-01-2015 HAPPY NEWYEAR !!! -Back on track-


Its been over a year ago that I've blogged my last surfsessions.  Since december 2013, i kinda stopped windsurfing for a long period of time. It had unfortunately its reasons. Since the summer of 2014 i slowly picked up my passion windsurfing again.  As its now the year of 2015, i'd hope to have a new fresh start and try continue sharing the stoke on my blog!   and onto  www.boardkings.com and the hottest windsurfnews and photoshoots are shared on https://www.facebook.com/boardkings.
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I started the first day of the year with a fenominal windsurfsession at Wijk aan zee, also known as Wijkikibeach -NL.

I had a low-end sesh with the 4.2m2 SWAG P7 combined with my big board, the Flikka customized Edbox 103. That board has it all!! from 4.2m2 powered up, in control  upto 6.2m2 lightwind!

Seen lots of friends at the beach. What a perfect way to start, even my buddy Alex vd M.  from down south of the country came along at Wijkiki! 

My equipment for today!

Had some great waverides, even did some sweet tabletops with the big board.
Dont have much pictures from today, just some from my Phone on the parking. 
I do have some video...But you know...the editing takes forever haha Who knows..

Further news:  I have some new projects coming up!
Recently  i sold my 4.6m2 5-Oceans Technora 4batten sail.  It was definately my favourite sail!!!
Also selling my swag 3.7m2 and 4.2m2.   (only keeping my Swag 3.2m2, for the ultimate stormchase sessions)  
Reason of selling?  I want to try out something new.

Totally customized sails by best sailmaker of the world!  3.7/4.2/4.7m2   by:

Cant wait when my new custom sails arrive.

Stay tuned!