dinsdag 31 juli 2012

Whats up next...TRIP to Guincho and Costa da Caparica !

Coming weeks im off to Portugal! Im stoked, going with my family though.. Bringing my sUP with me and going to rent windsurfequipment @ Guincho. Guincho windsurfing spot. looks magical!
our stay during the whole holiday is here, an appartment at the boulevard of Costa da Caparica.. hopefully perfect for my SUP Starboard Element 9'8

Old school @ zandvoort

Eveningsesh at the skyline
6.4 on the malibu it is.
Sailing today in boardshorts and lycra. Felt like surfing gran canaria!! Loving the summerdays at the beach. Old school shizzle.. my Malibu custom
and a Friend took out his stoneage Drops. Both about having the same volume.
Didnt took long before planingtime was over.
I Ate a fishDish
and later on went to a friend Zuke who lives out there. When i left his house it was allready past midnight.. the gasstations were closed and i ran out of fuel. I slept by family who luckily lives nearby Zandvoort. The day after i went home again to my wife and kiddies :-)

zondag 29 juli 2012

The crossing! Muiderberg- Almere

The other day my boy and i went supping. A crossing the lake from muiderberg to almere. 2 friends were joining us on the mini trip. For my son it was quite difficult as we had the wind against us 3-4 beaufort. But on the way back it went twice as fast :-)

woensdag 25 juli 2012

Hightide SUP event Haarlem- Mooie Nel 1th of july 2012

Going SUP 100% with my family ! a great event was organised by Hightide, at the 1th of july.
As my sister and her husband were going to SUP for the first time, they joined in a SUP clinic.
on the left my Sis,brother in law and the little one is my son.(the one with his own carbon paddle ;o) )
My surfbuddy Martijn de Man... to bad he cant go windsurfing anymore because bad knees...he is now fully admitted into the SUP-ping. Way to go Bro!
it was to windy for the rooky suppers, thats why a boat brought us to the other end of the Mooie Nel / lake. What an organisation! thumbs up.
Here is Pascal doing his first few metres..he enjoyed it a lot and told me afterwards he found it very easy and fun to do! He was one of the less who didnt fell of his board at all.
My Sis Daisy! enjoying it a lot, after todays supsesh she is searching for her own SUP and calling me reguarly to go supping with her :-) Stoked!
My boy on the custom malibu windsurf-Sup. It was to windy for him though, on the big lake the wind took him along and made him drift away quickly. But got picked up two times by the organisation. If they werent around i wouldnt be supping in such strong winds with him anyway. once more thumbs up for the crew!
My boy and I :-)

family picture, my son, sis & bro in law.

Rigsession POINT-7 AC1 2k12 19th of july 2012

the other day i recieved a new 7.9m2 AC1 2K12 PWA edition!
Afterwork i drove last thursday19th of july to Strand Horst and the wind completely died when i got there. hmmm just my luck. okay lets see how the new sail looks like.
with barely a few knots of wind, this sail rotated very easily which is a big improvement to the earlier sails. Sail feels lighter in hands ,cant wait to try it out.
Here my speedsurfbuddy Aart V coming off the water, totally stoked of his challenger racesails '12.
He was quite curious about these sails.
Next time he may do a few laps with AC1 2K12 sails. Forecasts coming week looks like very summerly! Hot, sunny and clear blue skies ;o) but No wind at all. We have to wait that one out i guess.