maandag 30 augustus 2010

great swell and unique sideshore conditions!!! @ IJmuiden 20 august 2010

Afterwork session, i couldnt get the afternoon off from work. I ended up with a evening session. And that on one of the best 'wave'days of the year! Perfect swell, side sideoffwinds. The swell was great, that because the stormy weather from yesterday. The wind blowing all night long in onshore directions, made sure the waves were building up at dawn. THe wind changed from onshore to sideoffshore which made it a special undutch wavesailing day.During the daytime it was good for 4.5-5.0m2. When i arrived the wind dropped unfortunately and i was sailing minimal with the 5.4m2 sado and SOS82. But man oh man, it was so much fun riding those waves, frontside waverides, off the lips, aerial off the lips. Not much of jumping today but that didnt matter at all. Nobody took pictures from today, havent find any yet on the web. I guess everyone was standing on the water themselves. What a day, a day not to forget;

Onshore winds with heavy conditions @ wijk aan zee 29th of august 2010

Onshore conditions at Wijk aan Zee /// pictures taken by Wouter IJssel de Schepper. from aboves cameraposition, standing on the blocks.
there were not much people around, so enough space cruising trough the brakes

Rain RAin and more rain today, combined with a few sunny moments.
About 7 beaufort today, rigged the 4.5m2 and SOS82 underneeth.

A out off control backloop..

My friend Wouter, wasnt able to surf himself, so he came by and shoot some pictures! Many thanks.
backside off

going trough the wijk aan zee shorebreaks


Tommorow its going to be an epic day, with sideshore conditions with loads of swell.. Hopefully i can get off work a bit sooner.

dinsdag 24 augustus 2010

evening Gps- speedsession @ Horst 24th of august 2010

Yesterday evening, when i got on the wind dropped. Just my luck. Today I more luck on my side. had still my windsurfgear inside the car. After i finished work, i drove straight to my local spot strand Horst for a short evening session.

There was enough wind this time for the Fanatic Falcon speed board. Yeah! Rigged up my good old Naish Stealth 6.0m2 and put on a caspar elite 25cm speed vin underneeth.
For about one and half hour i been speedsurfing. Thats been ages ago (october 2008?). The wind was at first a bit on and off. (WZW 16-31knots) But as darkness came in + the rain and lightning the wind got stronger.
Tried my best for 5 good runs before dark. But ended up with 3 nice 10seconds runs of 67+ and 2 in the 66+. All the lightning around me wasnt that fun. My personal records were quite outdated, as theyre from october 2008. Its important to have 5 good 10 sec run for a nice average. I had an average 5x10 66,9kmh. PR! I went up 30 places in the world ranking too ;o) from 383 to 350 lol. ( there about 2300 participants worldwide)

My max speed today was 71,9kmh, also for me a new speedrecord.
Home - :: for windsurfers by windsurfers
But still not totally satisfied, and having a long way to here in this discipline. That makes it fun doing it. Next time (26th of augusts) ill be @ Wijk on my waveboards again.

maandag 23 augustus 2010

Strand Horst 23 aug 2010 arrived to late

An afterwork and after diner, decided to towards Horst for a little speed-eveningsession. And little it was. rigged up my smallest sail 6.0m2 Naish Stealth and while rigging the wind dropped to a minimum.

How fun is that, hearing everyone is having their PR's and coming off the water. As i couldnt step on my board, or plane or whatever. Walked a few miles in the water. and went off. Bummer. Next time ill try to be on time, when the windmachine is still on ;o)

zaterdag 21 augustus 2010

Sado Power!!! 6.6m2 and the malibu @ Wijk aan zee - 21-8- 2010

25 degrees with mellow conditions.

I took 3 boards with me today, as i didnt know really what to expect. The malibu, SOS 92 and SOS 82.

Once i arrived i decided to go out on my biggest 12 yr old custom malibu Wave Warrior, its been a few years ive been surfing on it.

As everyone was lacking power with 5.3/5.8 i rigged up the tractor, drag machine, the SADO 6.6m2! What a great powersail, it needs good tuning though.

After a bit of sailing and tuning, it felt okay. There were like none waves during afternoon but i had full power. Later on around 5pm the wind got slowly stronger, and the waves were coming. Now it was fun, fully powered up. A 5.3m2 would be fine to at this moment, but as i had another appointment in the evening i didnt want to walk back and change rigs, did not had the time.
Martijn de Man also was out on the 6.6 m2 sado and pulled out some stunts to, i saw him looping backwards several times. Fun to see, big boards and big sails and still looping around. I did a few backloop attempts myself, one of them was a backloop together with martijn on the same wave both same time doing a backloop. Great moments out there. Had a decent table top aswell on the malibu. The malibu felt is was like a 2011 prototype ;o) probably im going to use it another 12 years. Martijn got out for a spin too on my malibu, he enjoyed it as i was surfing on his rrd fws111, felt more like a big boat. But Martijn can handle his boat better then i do.

It was a blast, then al of a sudden the wind got much stronger, so i got to much overpowerd and called it a day.

A 5.4m2 and 80/90L board was a good option for the early evening but i had to get home on time. i took a few shots from the other guys from far away, that before i left home.

Martijn, changed FROM 6.6 to 5.4m2 and from 111L to 93L.

like a kilometer away from where i was standing, but here martijn jibing on the wave.

Martin ten Hoeve aka Lampie came by when the wind picked up.

Torben Tijms with his 5.6 bolt

here i was standing, quite a bit away from the action

The week forecasts looks promising, maybe i get to have some time off work so smaller sails can be used soon!

woensdag 4 augustus 2010

2th of august 2010 - Final windsurfday @ GC - Pozo

Day 12 Monday 2th of august 2010 Out of control @ Pozo.

I was sick all night, soar throat, dizzy and more of that nonsense. Yikes.

As it is my last windsurfing day over here at Pozo, we went anyway. Me and Robin went there a bit earlier in the morning for several hours. So we had more time left in the afternoon for a swim with the kids, packing bags etc.

Once we arrived it looked good for 5.0m2, while rigging the wind picked up for 4.5m2. Robin’s choice was a 4.2m2 Combat. Almost done rigging I found out my Dakine T4 harness was stolen out of the car!? F$%# gone. Or had I left it at the parking? I think not. Pff It should of happend yesterday.

I asked the surfshops if someone perhaps dropped a Dakine T4 harness white XL, but no luck there. Robin would lent me his Dakine T3 harness as he was done sailing. Okay no probs, went on rigging, found out my mastbase was gone too. Dang it. For about an hour I have been staring at the horizon, and the surfers.
a Pwa sailor

Made some shots from Robin, as he was way overpowerd with his 4.2m2.

Once I finally hit the water with 4.5m2, the wind picked up so fricking hard. That it was good for 3.3m2. Probably a good 9 beaufort. HAd to put on some rocks on my equipment, prevent it blowing away.

Just the way I like it ;o). But I was hanging onto a 4.5m2.

My mastbase was not at the right place as it didn’t fit well onto my board, non stop spinouts. pff and my sail was like 1.2m2 to big.

I went for a few laps and called it for the day. Went to the Cutre surfshop, sew my new srdm 4.00m2 in half,

so I could take the base back home with me.

The top had a new destination, trashcanmaterial. The kids were in the pool having fun as I was trying to get better on the couch.

A miserable day for me. Time to go home. Back to Holland for some good old time action in the dutch shorebreaks!

zondag 1 augustus 2010

1th of august 2010 THIS IS IT! 40+ knots at pozo

Day 11 Sunday 1th of august 2010 Pozo Izquerdo 40+ knots.

A 2nd day of almost no sleep. Got home late from clubbing. Same scenario, kids were early awake (around 7 am). No sleep again. Today it seemed for me the big day! This is it. A day I have been waiting for a long time. The forecasts came out. Finally waves and heavy HEAVY winds. Robin had not much else choice then rigging his smallest sail 3.7m2. As flat trimmed possible. Trying to survive with those gusts. I pulled out my Point-7 Sado 3.3m2 2010 new out of the sack, never been used in action. I had a blast on the water. I rigged the sado 3.3m2 low end and put on my crash vest and helmet. I had so many jumps and backside waverides. One huge jump was unfortunately missed out on camera but several nice jumps were taken. As my camera is not a professional one, it was uploading a few shots which were taking a few seconds before the highest jump. I think the camera needs a faster memorycard. You cant have it all. But it feels great to fly high. And when is this happening in Holland? Swimming shorts sailing with 9-10 beaufort. You gotta love it.