donderdag 10 oktober 2019

5-Oceans New post

***New post***
Ive been elsewhere for a while. Does not mean i havent been windsurfing.    The last years ive been enjoying windsurfing as never before.  Chasing storms as always, in search of the best conditions troughout Europe. 
A few years ago i orderd  custom made sails by Matthew from 5-Oceans sails.
I let him make  a set of sails for the stormchases.
a 3.0m2 (3 batten), 3.6m2 (2.5batten/ compatible 3b) and a 4.1m2 (3.5batten softsail).
As 5-Oceans makes allready the lightest sails on the planet, i did want the window inside from the thickest monofilm available combined with kevlar. A bulletproof window.  So whatever storm or white water washmachine  it has to go trough, the sails  will remain still in one piece over  the  years.
In the meanwhile, as years  gone by, the results speak for it self.  Amazing handmade quality wave sails and still using them every storm again and again 🙌🏽⚡️

Here a few pictures, in progress.

3.0 m2 (3 Batten)

 3.6 m2 (2.5B)

4.1 m2 (3.5B)

4.6 m2 (2.5Batten)

5.2 m2 (3.5 Batten)

donderdag 20 oktober 2016


THE NEED FOR SPEED from Surfjunky on Vimeo.

mXr Rockstar and mXr Monster - custom built by Ron van den Berg

Time for something totally different.  For quite a while i was interested in the innovative desigs from mXr.  The collabration back then between one of the fastest sailors in the world Martin van Meurs and one of the best slalom/speed shapers Ron van den Berg.

Recently i got my hands on a Rockstar Speed 48cm custom approx 66L.
and a Monster 62.5cm  approx.95liter.

Cant wait to step on the gas and see if i finally (after 7 years) i can improve my PR's.




Techtalk: from its shaper
'' The front section is designed for early planing. The deep V-section in the middle pushes air underneath the hull, lifting the board into a plane.

The mid-section is designed to absorb the energy from choppy water, allowing the rider to go faster in av
erage conditions. The super straight rails in the mid section provide a very stable platform to push against when going upwind.

The back section is designed for high top-end speed by minimizing drag.

board range the idea was: control = speed. Speed sailing is where mXr’s has its roots. We are a GPS-based brand, not a PWA-based brand. You can design the theoretically fastest board on earth but it will only be as fast as the conditions will allow it to be. The end speed also depends for a great deal on the rider’s level, as any design will be faster in hands of the better rider after all. We focused on a board that was designed for control and ease of use combined with a very high performance/speed potential.

  '' Front X-Steps
These X-Steps are pointed forward. They mark a clear break with the middle section and release the water flow. This helps to start planing over the front foot and the cross steps contribute to a relaxed ride. In jibes both front steps release water more easily, resulting in less drag and more control through high speed turns. At the exit of the gibe the rider can put his feet and/or weight forward and rely on the excellent planing characteristics of the front section at lower speeds. Acceleration is smooth but extreme with the right technique. The steps will support any rider from amateur up until PWA pros to increase overall gibing speed. Back X-Steps
These X-Steps steps are pointed backward and help release the water flow at higher speeds. Effectively, there is less pressure on the fin. The back X-Steps support the hull at high speed. When gusts hit, the board time and again auto-trims itself due to the back steps. Especially lighter and/or less technical riders will experience a lot more control at high speeds compared to normal boards as a result of this. When gibing the back step’s winger grips like thruster fins. The board never loses grip and the step takes over some of the work a fin normally has to do.

Ofo 25cm!

 My first session on the mXr Rockstar and brandnew MUF widebase speed-02 fin  20cm  deliverd!  Smashed all my PR's from the last 7 yeards in one session.

 Had some serious crashes, Luckily im still alive and no injuries.  My equipment had an hard time aswell, but ended up with broken lines.
 The newest speedfins from Maui Ultra Fins   The speed-02  20cm
 First day using those fins, smashed all my Pr's from the last 8 years.

mXr Monster, that one we took to the ulitmate test aswell. It has a high speed potential, nice float,   My daughter loved the dutch flag colours too :-)

Powered by: Maui Ultra Fins

And have many more. In different sizes and boxes.  If your interested to try one of them out, speed,race or wave?
Just ask and i'll be happy to provide you some MUF fins underneeth your board!

woensdag 19 oktober 2016

One of these days. IJmuiden- NL 2 Oct. 2016

The last 2.5 years i havent been blogging much.  That doesn't mean i havent been on the water :-).

My last wavesession was a few weeks ago @ IJmuiden - NL.  The legendary Red Bull Stormchase part1. location.

A good 30+ knots with decent swell rolling in on 2th oct.2016

Picture by: Alias J.P. van Popta.  - floaty jump over the breaks. -
I went on the big board, Edbox custom 103L trailer concept, that i love sailing so much.
A small 4.1m2 underneeth, custom made 5-Oceans sail  3.5batten Red river softsail. Trying out the high-end again of this board.  It never dissapoints me whatever sail i use.  It delivers from 4.0 upto 6.2m2. Only by jumping, the landings are quite hard on the knees.  Next storm ill be using my smaller custom  Flikka 'Jesus Christ' board and try out to pull some high airs.