donderdag 23 juni 2011

eveningsession @ Wijk 22th june 2011

Raining raining... on my way to wijk aan zee.
it cleared up while rigging. 8-) The wind was picking up too.
I thought i had the 5.0/5.4/6.6 inside the car, but it seemed i forgot my my 5.0m2!!! Ofcourse the wind was quite heavy and good for 4.7/5.0m2. Sooo i put on a 5.4, trimmed it to its max. with the SOS rocket92 and a to big of a fin 27cm.. (i sold my smaller ones, dont have new one yet.)
My 5.4 trimmed quite max.
I was on the water around 5pm till 9.30pm. Wearing my new O'neill psycho2 Z/Z 3x2mm wetsuit, this was just the suit i needed. Not to cold, and not TOO warm.
I had some nice waverides out there and some jumps and tabletops. Nothing fancy today, i had my hands full on the 5.4m2. SImply said it was to big.
THe waves were at time logohigh and sideon shore conditions.
Windspeeds 14 upto 19ms and about 225degrees SW direction.
Next time i hope there will be good side/sideoff condtions with a bunch of swell coming in.

zondag 19 juni 2011

short session @ Horst 19june 2011

As i didnt had to much time today, and still sore from all the wavesailing from yesterday, i went for a bit of cruising at Horst.
Rigged up the 6.3 ac1 2k11 with the FF102. I tried out a widebased 25cm fin underneeth. the biggest C3 Slingshot 25cm. On a wide course it didnt gave any problems with a 63cm wide board. going upwind i had to give in to others. Unfortunately i didnt had any speeds yet on the GPS, as after a few laps my battery went dead. Forgot to charge the dang thing. The most wind came when my gps was off.
Windspeeds 14-27 knots. West direction.

A short session. I had to be home on time. A great moment of the day was besides getting spoiled by my kids and wife because its fathersday today, was seeing an old friend HAnsie B. again, who i had not seen the last 10 years. He was still surfing on the same gear as 10 years ago and still is just as good as back then lol.

zaterdag 18 juni 2011

WAVESession with (Martijn)The Man - Wijk aan Zee 18-06-11

As i havent been wavesailing for a little while, my hopes were on for today.
gopro picture below.
The forecasts was great. SideOn condition and about 7 beaufort all day long.
All morning it was raining, but when i arrived the sun started shining :-) that till the end of the day.

Martijn de Man and Me
You see the Man's Van everywhere in Europe. Need fast transport? Call The Man :)
Martijn here laughing.. not sure why. He also is on Fanatic boards :-P
Shit happens ehh..
My setup for today 4.5sado and sos68.
Martijns setup back there, with the pink elephant in his sail.
As it was 14/15ms up to 18-20ms.. i rigged on a 4.0m2 first.. (too small)
I did had some doubts in the beginning about sailsize. Only in the gusts i was planing, but most of the time i was sailing underpowerd. With the low volume <68l i definately made a wrong choice on sailsize. I tried De Mans equipment aswell. He was on a sado 4.2 and 75L Fanatic customboard with a too big of a fin. He should put an MU fin Xwave underneeth..The 75L custom singlefin from Martijn went quite nice upwind, but it wasnt my fave in the waves. Im too spoiled having my SOS boards. It didnt fell loose as any of my boards. Martijn took my SOS68 for a spin, and got positively surprised about it. I didnt thought he could go out on such a small board.. As he is normally always on bigger boards then i am. The second part of the afternoon from where i changed sails from 4.0 to 4.5m2. i took my Gopro hd cam out to the water. I've made some shots

And filmed some aswell.. But me and film....I cant find the time to edit some.
So for now a bunch of shots, that from todays session.

-Tabletop sequence [not tweaked] click on it, for larger version.

A few waverides.

Jibing on a wave
I also had a little bad luck out there, while rigging the 4.5 i didnt check my masttop myself. Martijn was standing at the top and said it was locked into the mast when i rigged it. Are you sure? Yes he was sure ;o).. My first lap into the sea, between the 2nd and 3th bank.. WHAMMM after a little jump my mast when trough the top of the sail... No damage at all. It just wasnt locked. I had to swim back for about 20 minutes.
Swimming back to shore costed me a lot of energy. Later on i was getting cramp in my arms all the time. So i took it easy afterwards.

Another ride...
I saw the photographer JePeVepe also standing out there all day long with his enormous telelens/camera. Maybe within these days i'll get to see some footage from his lens and point of vieuw.

Stay tuned.

donderdag 16 juni 2011

Suits & Fashion

Last month we had several wetsuits coming in for the whole family.
My boy outgrew his old wetsuit which i bought several years ago at Das Boot/dusseldorf. Time for something better, warmer and bigger sized!
Neilpryde Next Generation 3000 4x3mm Size 10, as he's 8 years old, he can use it hopefully the coming 2-3 years. Its now a little bit to big. But those buggers keep on growing :)
Yes, its stretchy enough. Next time it'll be Strand Horst.
Last Month my wife got her very first own Roxy syncro 3x2mm wetsuit.
She hasnt been complaining anymore about the coldwater 8-)
and got myself a nice goodie aswell an O'neill Psychofreak 4.5x3.5 for the colder days.

A superwarm stretchy wetsuit...almost too warm.

For most days in the summer is a shorty or shortarm a bit to chilly but a O'neill psychofreak is simply too hot (i noticed). I finally have now a summer fullsuit aswell.
O'neill PSycho2 ZenZip 3x2mm for the summer/autumn days.

My babygirl doesnt need a new one yet. the NP she has,still fits fine.