zaterdag 4 juni 2011

Familyday@ Horst 4 june 2011

A wonderfull almost summer day, well its not summer yet. but still! 8-)
temperatures were great. and there was a bit of wind aswell.
We took out the Fanatic Viper and 2.5m2 and 6.6m2 Sado to play with.

My wife was surfing aswell, and had gps-speeds around 10.5kmh max ;o) #soProud.

My kids playing around while my wife is surfing, and me? #onthelookout

My roxy surfbabe cruising.

Ive been surfing later on with my son, that with the 6.6m2. Both on the Viper 190L planing together for a moment. That was cool. Had a speed around 35kmh on that familyboard, no harness/trapeze on.

The Starboard IDO did his work today.

Coming days there's not much wind. We'll just have to wait and see.

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