donderdag 29 december 2011

sideoff session @ The Zandmotor - 28th of december 2011

As i was able to go out for a bit of surfing, i went to the Zandmotor . Unfortunately by arrival it was low tide, shallow waves. At the point of the Zandmotor, at times there were beautifull long 'small' waves. The direction of the wind was a little bit sideoff. Perfect.
There were only kiters on the water in the beginning. Later on when i was busy out there.. more windsurfers came along.

As the windmeter gave right away gusts of 31knots.. with an average around 20knots i rigged my Sado 2g 5.0m2 and quatro quad LS95

The wind was on and off during the day, but overall a 5.0m2 size was the best choice. A few hours later it became hightide and more swell was coming in. I took my Gopro HD with me and shot some nice footage.

Whenever the winter starts to kick in. ill have still tuns of movies to edit. 8-) The media in our country were talking about a 'horror'winter coming up, but so far its the warmest winter since many years. 'Like' !!

Here below a few gopro shots.

zondag 18 december 2011

Sideon, @ IJmuiden 18 december 2011

a day @ IJmuiden, minimal windconditions. But there was swell coming in!!
Rigged the 5.4 and LS95 underneeth.. Had my bits of fun again.
surfbuddy Torben and his witchie!!

I had some delay getting on the water. Got everything rigged to go. Wetsuit on, winterboots, cap.. ready to walk the walk with gear towards the beach. Oyea my harness, then i realised SHOOT i left my dakine T4 harness at home.. #$^%. Luckily the kiteshop on the boulevard was still open, and after a bullshitconversation able to rent a kiteharness. strange dude in the shop by the way. He asked me, what it was worth to me to rent a kiteharness. I said max 5euro for 2hours. He said, first go surf and then decide whats worth to you and pay then? No, i pay now 5 euro and stop the bullshit. He was like or buy some stuff in our kiteshop and you can borrow the kiteharness for free. i was not amused by that noncense. Just give me the damn kiteharness and ill go surfing for 2 hours and youll get it back. Dropped 5euros and my licence on the counter and left.

bottomturning.. the wind was sideon. managed to do some nice turns, but i had some better days for sure.

maandag 12 december 2011

Stormchase 29m/s/56knots @Wijk aan zee 8 december 2011

What can i say about todays session.. Man o man.. where was my 3.3m2 when i needed it!


As this could be an kinda extreme day i took for this occasion from work a day off. My intention first was to go towards a another spot The Zandmotor, but in the early morning the wind out there was minimal and quite offshore. At wijk the wind was at the time allready a 5-6 beaufort. These winterdays are very short. Around 4.30pm its allready dark. So last minute i decided to drive towards Wijk.

Once i arrived, the wind was quite minimal, slightly offshore and nice waves were coming in.

A few people were on the water aslike PWA sailor Lampie, Martin ten Hoeve. The guys out there werent planing on the way out, only waveriding the way back.

First i took some pictures before i rigged my sails.

at the time...minimal winds... but within a few hours rising upto 50knots!

Because the wind was going to increase in the afternoon i rigged up my P7 Sado 2G 5.0m2.
So i could start full power straight away and tied up my P7 SALT 4.0m2 to a pole at the beach for whenever the wind was going to kick in. The very first lap i did with 5.0m2.
i got almost blown off the water.. pfff. HAd to get my 4.0 allready..So changed the 5.0sado 2g for a 4.0m2 Salt.

Several laps out there and again i was to much overpowerd. In the later afternoon i got blown of the water.

As it was getting dark so quickly.. i kept sailing the 4.0m2 out of control.

Hardly able to do any decent jumps or waverides. Just been struggling to have some control on the water. In the topturn i wasnt able to hold onto my boom.

If the wind was allready strong when i started, i would of rigged my 4.0 AND 3.3m2. that would of give me so much more control. Next time more luck with rigging the right sails.

I had today 3 layers of wetsuits on my body, a Quiksilver neoprene longsleeve body2mm + over that my 3x2mm Sola shorty, and over that my O'neill Psychofreak 4.5x3.5mm. Combined with my thickest XCEL 5mm Infiniti Drylock Bamboo Boots, Billabong airlite 3mm cap + inside my wetsuit i stuck a drink caprison (so i dont have to walk back to the parking)and a pair Camarogloves (for when i loose my gear and have to swim back)

Forecast : The black hole!
local windspeeds at the local speedspot, same time @speedspot strand Horst.. out there the wind was a lot less today.
here below, actual data from the spot IJmuiden, which is next to Wijk aan zee.. gaining windspeeds upto 28,9 m/s which is 56 knots.
Ive had it for today.. on my way back.. getting sandblasted!

In the dark on the parkinglot, my windmeter gave right away a gusts of 40 knots.

What a day.. could of worked out so much better with a 3.3m2. then i would of been able to do some serieous higher jumps and more controlled waverides. Now i was just surviving with a 4.0m2.
Another downside of today was at the parking, the front of my car was placed in the wind as i normally do. When i drove away from the parkinglot i stopped the car for a second to get a drink which was placed in the back of my car. Just that one second i forgot that there was 10 beaufort blowing outside my car and my door got rammed open. HARD. Some steel part broke in half + a dent in my door. Beside that I wasnt able to close my door anymore. 20 minutes later struggling in the dark to get my door closed again. Next week it has to go to the garage :-S.

woensdag 7 december 2011

Another AB+54 session @ Horst 08-12-2011

Finally a bit of wind @ Horst.
But first things first.. bringing my kiddies to my sister in law. to babysit this afternoon 8-) thanks!

Looks like i finally got some PR's today :-)
Could of used my speedboard AB+46 speed instead of my AB+54slalom.
But then again.. Now i have something still to look forward too.
Im happy about todays speed on the AB+54 slalom.

session_date woensdag 7 december 2011
Spot Wolderwijd - Strand Horst, Netherlands
Board AB+ 54, 2009
Zeil Point-7 AC-1 2K11 6.3, 2011
Type GPS Navi GT-31

Gemiddelde snelheid 68,23 kmh ( 69,24 68,52 68,29 67,83 67,26 )
Max GPS 72,72kmh

Max. 2 sec. (software)72,25 kmh
100 m run 70,82 kmh
250 m run 67,49 kmh
500 m run 62,74 kmh
Nautische mijl 44,5 kmh
1 uur 16,59 kmh
Alpha racing 0 kmh
Afstand 36 km
Duur 01:00:00
Windsnelheid 18 - 38 knots
Wind richting W ( 270)

The Point-7 AC1-2k11 6.3m2 was a bit big.. I dont have a smaller racesail. At times overpowerd but mostly i was able to hang on. A 5.5 and a speedboard would be a better setup i think for today.

my windmeter gave lower speeds..

Next time its windy like today, i'll definately try out my AB+46 speed.

My speedbuddy Aart V. also an AB+ sailor! 8-) he didnt had much luck today as his board blew away agains someones car.. Next time we can do a little battle together Aart!

Tommorow its even more windy. But ill take a break from the speedsailing. Going for a another stormchase wavesession tommorow, probaby sailing the 3.3m2 again @ the zandmotor

zaterdag 3 december 2011

De Zandmotor 3 december 2011

Tried out a new spot today.

De Zandmotor which is located below at Machiel Vrijenhoeklaan, Loosduinen..

Looks like an awesome spot to be sailing at. The direction of the wind was quite west. i heard it could be sideonshore at the Zandmotor. Finally arrived... late as usual. the winddirection was allready changed to WNW.. which is unfortunately onshore for The Zandmotor.

Petervg normally a Wijklocal was at the spot aswell.

In the early morning it was much more sideshore with decent waves I heard. But okay i did have my piece of fun.. Glad i took my big board with me.

I been sailing around with the quatro Quad LS95 and 5.4m2 Sado 2g.


In the beginning the wind was very minimal.. but kicked in a bit later on. Been sailing till darkness came in. Shot a bit of gopro movie and made some pictures out there.

Here below some statistics of the gps gt31.

going round and round and bail out!!

I think this spot can REALLY ROCK with the right conditions.

SSW 7-9 beaufort that probably would be it! Time will tell.