zondag 6 september 2009

Waveboards for season 2009/2010

The S.O.S. Collection aka Sean Ordonez Shapes.

The most radical board of the S.O.S. collection, The S.O.S ROCKET FISH 68 (BLUE) :

Fast and loose, ideally designed for side to side-on-shore, small to medium swell conditions. (recommended sailsize 3.3 upto 5.0 m2. I've used the board in masthigh waves aswell, that worked out great.

Although you have to stay focussed though in storm conditions, because the board is very sensitive and response so fast on feet steering. It took me some time to get used to the board. But for now, im not sure if anything else can top this single fin waveboard.

Single nose concave (spoon), flat panels with an accelerating single concave into a double barrel concave on the 'SOS ROCKET FISH 68 (BLUE),

This version has a custom sanded polished finish including reinforced wood aside the finbox. It makes the finbox so much stronger, Made by D. van Eijk. It wont be an option anymore that the fin would possible break out the box.


Later on the season of 2009, ive got my hands on the SOS 82 aswell. For me ideally for the medium days with 4.5m2 upto 5.4m2.

The board feels much more alive then all the earlier JP RWWs 2007 range ive had 69,76,83. I used it a few times now, but hopefully many more days to come!

Shape, a single concave, into a clean flat off the tail for a smooth fast snappy feeling.


A new Hybrid blend of a real world waveboard with a freeride waveslalom cruiser. New wave, allround bump jump made for medium to lightwind wavesailing. Versatile, fast planning and surfy feeling.

Rocker is based on one of Sean Ordonez fave shapes, made to lift and go due to its double nose concave and increase hybrid nose area. Continuining into a slight vee with a subtile double concave in the stance area.

Still maintaining the SO trademark tappering volume flow toward the thinned out tail for maximum control and carve trough turns. All the shaping design magic is in the balanced outlines and the tappering rail lines. A Combo dosely related to the 20 years of professional shape and surf experience from Sean Ordonez-Shapes.


SOS ROCKET FISH 68 : 230cmx53cmx69L,5.3kg

SOS ROCKET FISH 82 : 235cmx56cmx82Lx5.5kg

SOS ROCKET 92 : 241cmx59cmx92Lx5.4kg


Custom made Wave Warrior Malibu

For light winds, I'm still having my custom made Malibu wave board - Wave Warrior. Built in 1999.
Its allready 10 years old and still going strong!!! Totally ready for its 11th season.
Its a long malibu shaped board,also called looney spoon.

Extremely wide in the nose, thin rails and a pintail. It came with an US finbox, board is made extra strong on demand, highly pressed foam with extra reinforcments around the nose area. So it could handle my jumps and crashes. Especially made for wavesailing in light wind conditions. Very easy to sail.

Catch as many waves as possible cuz of the wide nose area and its huge volume.
The Malibu riding waves in South Africa about 2years ago.

Ripping small waves 2 years ago in Africa..see above,
9 years ago using the same board at Sunset beach south africa.

the malibu feels at ease in higher waves aswell..see below

My little 6yr old son rips up the malibuwave board aswell

On top of that i had an idea to have it made fully 3D special full airbrushed into a Shark. I drew an example, and the professionals made it a piece of art.

Wave Warrior Malibu 264cmx60cmxapprox98Lx6.9kg