zaterdag 30 juni 2012

Rookie sesh! 30-6-2012 @ horst

with my 2 kiddies to horst. I'm not allowed to go windsurfing myself yet for about a week. So it was rookie time today! My oldest took his 2.5m2 and My Youngest her 1.0m2 dorapower!

Sunset supsesh. 29-6-2012

As the hightide haarlem sup tour is next sunday 1th of july. My boy and i went for a bit of practise. We did a little tour of 4.1 km in the evening. We saw a lot of fishes,carps that was cool. We planned to do a 4 km trip next sunday but today it was so easily to sup 4 km with him, perhaps we ll do 8km tour instead, depending of sundays conditions. Location was bunschoten spakenburg. Tommorow a bit of windsurfing with my kiddies. Sunday supping with kids, friends and family. Lifes good

zondag 24 juni 2012


The Red Bull Stormchase comes back after 6 years. I decided to register myself for this most extreme windsurfing project. There are a lot of proffesionals registred but amateurs like me aswell. I love to ride these stormsessions, but it would be awesome to do that in the Redbull Stormchase contest! At the moment 120 sailors worldwide are registred. We will see where it brings me in the end. When the day is there, it will be insane for sure! Hopefully ill get the chance to be participating this event, if not ill be there anyway. My sado 3.3m2 is waiting to get wet allready! Quotes from redbull: A global chase for giant waves and wind beyond storm force 10. Join us for the ride of your life! -Red Bull Storm Chase is the most challenging windsurfing contest of all time. A global hunt for 3 storms beyond wind force 10. Get ready to be blown away! -------------- How crazy is that!! But for now i missed out a another week of stormy weather.. Pff its getting on my nerves :-/ My eyes need still 2 more weeks of recovery from the eyelaser surgery. But planned to do a LOT of windsurfing afterwards!! stay tuned here above, a few 3.3m2 shots in Force 9, easy sailing @ pozo.

woensdag 20 juni 2012

New racingshizzle!!

The new p7 ac1 2k12 pwa edition came in today!! Looking hot and black :-)
Extra set of carbontubes was attached.

More coming soon!

zaterdag 16 juni 2012

New Vid! STORMCHASE @Wijkiki - NL

The last week i had to miss out several awesome wavesessions! Its been finally windy..but no surfing for me.. Main reason is that i had eyelasersurgery done last week and am not allowed to do any wavesailing for atleast 4 weeks! Now a week passed by, i can finally see 1080HD without any glasses. Never need any glasses no more! Finally able to read the waves between the lines 8-) and see the gusts coming in. No more hidden surprises on the surface waiting for me to crash into :-) As all of this, i got some time left to do some editing again. I had some footage left of a insane winter stormchase session. The wind was so very extreme, i couldnt hardly handly my gear. I've should of rigged the 3.3m2 from the beginning. But started with 5.0m2 and ended it with 4.0m2. With todays max windspeed 56knots.. you can imagine it was a bit much.... Too Much- song by Alex Clare, Enjoy the STORMCHASE vid! Watch it in HD!

STORMCHASE @Wijkiki Beach - NL Wintersession (GOPRO HD2) from Surfjunky on Vimeo.

Windspeeds 40- 56knots SideOnshore conditions.

zondag 3 juni 2012

Recently i was asked to became a teammember of! A group of stoked windsurfers sharing the passion worldwide (web). An awesomem wavetrip is planned allready. That including a waveclinic from windsurfinstructor Jemm Hall! BoardKings goes off to Ireland, Brandon Bay in october. Im stoked allready!
check out the website!

zaterdag 2 juni 2012

Its a Bird, a Plane?! NOo its SUPER QUATRO QUAD

Guess what dropped off the plane the other day...
My newest toy to play with (i dont mean the lady on the left,... Although :-)) ) but the blue one in the middle!

Quatro quad 2012 LS95

Now some wind pretty please!