zaterdag 30 maart 2013


                                                story continuess....................

Here a nice picture from the board when it just came out of the 4-axis KMS3200 CNC Machinery.
The board still needs a lot of sanding here below.

Strapstance:  I wanted to play a little with the settings of the straps. Normally you can choose a strapstance between 42-46cm. I personally like to have a wide strapstance. It gives me good control over the board. I can lean more into the waveface while bottumturning. I measured my favourite strapstance from my other 2 waveboards. A wide stance it is! Placed it on 46cm and 47cm. The frontstrap in just one insert option and back in the tailarea 2 insert options.  The backstrap is placed quite back towards the tail and insert option 2 is even further back ;).  2 screws on each side of the footstrap, making sure it shouldnt ever break or get loose.

Single, twin, tri, thruster or quad?  :  A very wide twinfin setup with a trailerfin in the center it is, this should make the board feel loose and turn like crazy!

3 slotboxes,  aswell for the center/trailerfin (instead of the USbox). It saves a bit of weight too.
The side boxes are placed 'toe' and maximally towards the rail. This setup should make the board very manouvrable. In my thinkingwise even more loose then a quad setup.

FINS: Probably placing 2x Maui Ultra Fins X-Twins 16.5cm in the sideboxes and in center a  Maui Ultra X-Twin 14.5cm.
But i'll try for sure more fincombinations, that to play with the concept and find out whats best. The finsetup mentioned above would be the one to begin with.


Bottomshape:  As the board is quite short and wide, it aint the fastest waveboard on the market (read: slow)  That's why it comes with a fast waverocker to mantain a little speed still and gives it very good planing capabilities.  A monoconcave bottom, into biconcave for the last 50cm of the board into a V in the tail.
 In the Netherlands the conditions are in general, mushy, choppy and most of all nasty!
Combined with strong currents & sideonshore windconditions. This bottomshape should do the trick. 

This custom is built with a sweetspot on the 5.6m2.. Point-7 SALT '13!

Sailrange:  5.0m2 as a minimum to a maximum sailsize of 6.2m2.  The 5.0m2 is the sailsize where i eventually switch boards to a 85Liter quad.

Square, swallow, pin, fish, keelquad,diamond, zippytail...
What shall i choose for my full customized Flikka?

As its really a lightwindboard i didn't want the cutout to much inverted to the backstrap. As you can see here on the picture above its a squaretail but rounded slightly inverted - fish tail. The rails around the tail mantained very thin, that with a 103liter pumped inside this piece of gold. :-)  

 Why would go production, if you can go for Custom Made! :-)
                                   below some more pictures

                                                                 The wide point  ;)

Check out all the extra (white)dyneema reinforcements  in the nose area 

and aside the mastrail , its bombproof!

The area where the footpads are going to be placed looks like it has nice reinforcements aswell. 
Soft decks are history! Cant wait to abuse the board on the water anytime soon. 

                 Trust me,     the best is still yet to come !

                                  Stay tuned for part 3 !

woensdag 27 maart 2013


For a while i've been thinking about a board which would fullfill my demands.

A few months ago I sold my Quatro Quad LS95, a superb board which I've been using the last years with lots of pleasure. 

But it was time for change! 

Last January I've been to Das Boot in Dusseldorf and saw this Black Box concept from Starboard.
For a long time i was allready thinking about  a concept like this. Several other brands allready came out with a extreme short board aswell.  Finally there is a production version coming out.
But going from a quad ls 95L back to a 87L BBX didnt sound very logical to me.
Although they(Starboard) claims it to be a lightwind board. I'm sure the BBX does plane quick, but the float in my opinion stays put on 87L. On minimal days i do almost sink on a 95L. Having a lightwindboard with 8 liters less on volume will not do the magic trick for me.

I allready have a 75 & 85 liter quad for the windier days.. but would love to have a rocking lightwind waveboard! 8-)

I want a board that actually floats when the wind suddenly dies on me,  planes quicker then i can get into my harness, turns on a dime,  a light construction, feeling loose and snappy.

A bottom/rocker-shape that is perfect for our NASTY DUTCH MUSHY,everything but perfect waves along the Dutch coastline.                 Yeah... where to find such a board?

I got in contact with the boys, Luka and Janez, from FLIKKA Customboards Slovenia. 

Luka the shaper very much liked the idea building me such a full customized board.   I wanted it to be very short, wide but not extremely width, a slighlty inverted fishtail (not shown on this picture yet) and yet quite important push 103Liters into this concept!  yeah and making sure it still has very thin rails in the tailarea!  

 What do you think? See picture below. :-)   

Pump up the Jamm... Ehh  Pump up the thickness off the board i guess, in the middlesection. Let the width/outline of the board increase further over the masttrack into the nose area and round it of in a fishy pointy nose!  Yeah the way I LIKE.  A windsurfboard looking like  a fish short surfboard.

Check out the outline.. its stunning!  I censored the Cad a bit, if you dont mind.

Dyneema reinforcements around the mast/deck area and around the nose. So my custom could still handle some serious punishment in the breaks.

More to come very soon!

                            Stay tuned for part 2.

zondag 17 maart 2013

Cold Wijkiki with the kiddies - 16 march 2013

                                       COLD WIJKIKI

As i had 3 family visits today and no babysitting today,  i decided during some familystops go to the beach of Wijkiki for for a few moments and try out my new Nikon D7000 Camera and  my Nikon 80-200mm AF-D 2.8.

Took all shots out of hand, a monopot would of been better for less blurry pictures, but didnt  carry one with me as i had 2 kids with me and got my hands full on them allready ;o)

Most pictures  i took of my little kiddies ofcourse.

It was quite an offshore day, with so now and then really nice waves close to the beach. The action was minimal though, but some guys made out the best of it.

           Hereby a few windsurfing shots of todays session.

           Peter v G into the bottum turn!
                              Here below, RUUT in action!
                      Sweet lines
                       Ehhh Wijkiki Wildlife !  testing the camera :-)
                          unknown rider...

Boardkings Teammember and surfbuddy Peter v G  stoked about his Quatro Quad LS 110L !!!!

                              Below, Bas M.

                              Chilling after a nice session  Peter and Ruut

The Old Man,  Peter vG  8-)   warming up after a nice session... See you next time on the water mate!

More pictures you can find on Facebook , search there for ' BoardKings '

Next time ill be hitting the water myself! Cant wait allready.

zaterdag 2 maart 2013

Closing off 2012 with a BANG ! @ Wijkiki- NL - 31-12-2012

The last day of the year  2012

Temperatures above a little above freezing point and windy... what would you do?

Go windsurfing!

I started the day with a 4.6m2  5-Oceans  and Quatro Quad LS85.

i do have to admit the 4.6m2 was quite big at the time.  i was able to hold onto it but most people around were using 4.0-4.2m2.

For a few hours i used the 4.6 and had some nice waverides and sometimes an aerial of the lipp coming out the pocket.

Later on i did switch to my 3 batten sail point-7 swag 4.2m2.  What a superb sail that is, very light and feels light in hands. its more stabile that you would expect from a 3 batten sail. Very different to my earlier sails ive used (the sado's)  But getting used to them quickly. It improves my waveridingstyle though.  From then on things went so much more easy.  had several other aerial off the lips and went home with a smile.  What a nice day to close of   the year.  Closed the night of with a bang!

Pictures below taken by