zondag 26 augustus 2012

Quatro Sesh! first timer on the LS85 - 25 augustus 2012

Probably making a Vid anytime soon from todays session. Windstats 6 to a max 10 beaufort.
Setup Quatro quad LS 85, Legend 4.7m2.
HAIL bigtimes!
Ive been using the quatro LS85 today for the first time, a very easy sailing waveboard, loose and radical. Approved, hell yea!

donderdag 23 augustus 2012

Quick evening sesh @horst 22-8-2012

I Only had some time in the evening for a quick racesession.
My friend Aart was there too with his with italian powersails :)

Had a few laps before the wind vanished.

The forecast for coming weekend is looking much better. Hopefully able to borrow some wavesails as i almost sold all my sails allready. My new ones are coming mid september! Soon more about that!