maandag 30 april 2012

Queensday familysurfing @skyline ZV

In the early morning we were walking around the markets as its queensday today! Bought all kinds of goodies for the kiddies. My son bought himself a bodyboard for 4 euro a wavepower with a hard bottum.. great deal ;o) we decided to test him out right away and drove to the beach with the rest of my family. Zandvoort it is!
I been SUPping my son was bodyboarding and did a little bit of supping aswell. so proud.
My 2 ladies were playing at the beach, tanning and on the look out! a few shots of today!

zondag 29 april 2012

NorthEaster Sideoff Sesh @The SKYline - Zandvoort - NL

To be continued!!! pics and movies to come. Another cold northeaster sesh! it was very crowded at the skyline...NOT! Just me and Jeroen out there today, everyone else thought other spots would been a better option.. NOT :-). I was sailing today on my 14year old malibu custom for a change!
Underneeth a Maui Ultra fin wave 25cm that should do its work, combined with a P7 sado 2g 5.4m2. I been riding a few nice waves :-) 5 topturns on a wave was definately optional here at Zandvoort. Sailing the malibuboard is always like easy cruising for me.. on the wave it reacts the same, easy. It definately turns but not as short with the quad boards or tri fins. I missed the slashy feeling and tighter turns. Probably 6 or 7 turns on a wave should of been possible aswell. I think with a Northeast direction the best possible spots along the coastline of NL would be Zandvoort upto ijmuiderslag. Most other spots wont break that well.

vrijdag 27 april 2012

from SOS RF82 tri TO Goya Quad 104L @ WIJKIKI 26-april 2012

As the forecasts were quite good for today, i took a midday off from work and drove to Wijkiki asap! rigged up a sado2g 5.0m2 and took my SOS Rocketfish Tri 82L.
The Torb inator :-))
BoardKings team member Erik Haans
I had my bits of fun out there and shot a bit of film with the gopro hd2. -------update: 9-5-2012: a short muvee of todays sesh! Enjoy! ------------------------------ for a while the wind was on and off.. and later on it unfortunately stayed off.
It didnt take long before the wind dropped to a minimum. walked back over the dunes to the parking and rigged up a another set At the end of the day i was testing the float of a Goya Quad 104 2012 from Lampie, Martin ten Hoeve. i borrowed his 5.9m2 aswell, as i didnt brought any big sails with me. the wind was too less to do a bit of planing.
When i walked back over the dunes to the parking for the second was starting to blow again. ofcourse! Overall it was a nice session, but short cause of the dropping winds..A huge stormchase anytime soon would be appreciated :-))

zondag 22 april 2012

Butt session @ horst

A cloudy rainyday. Only enough wind when there was thunder going on.
When i got on the wind just left and it cleared up.
As i wanted to try out my newest lightwind board mistral-AB+123L i went into the water anyway.
It took about an hour before the wind picked up and was enough to go planing, combined with some more rain.
For sure it was a Joyfull session ,but okay i at least planed for a bit. Shortly after the wind vanished totally and the sun came up. Heard that the boys at wijk aan zee had a better (wave)session. 6 beaufort and sun all day long. Next time!!!! :-)
GPS Statics session_date zondag 22 april 2012 Spot Wolderwijd - Strand Horst, Netherlands Board Mistral AB+ Slalom 123, 2011 Zeil Point-7 AC-1 2K11 7.9, 2011 Fin C3 STING 38 Type GPS Navi GT-31 Gemiddelde snelheid 53,18 kmh ( 54,56 54,22 54,17 53,03 49,93 ) Max. 2 sec. (software) 55,85 kmh 100 m run 55,45 kmh 250 m run 53,41 kmh 500 m run 48,06 kmh Nautische mijl 39,1 kmh 1 uur 8,51 kmh Alpha racing 29,87 kmh Afstand 12 km Duur 00:50:00 Windsnelheid 9 - 21 knots Wind richting SW ( 270)

zondag 15 april 2012

SUPing and Wavesailing @ IJmuiden 15-4-2012

windspeed 9.5 ms - 13.5 ms
winddirection 358 - 20 degrees.
watertemperature 10 degrees.

On my way to IJmuiden for a another cold session.

Minimal waves and around 4-5 beaufort.. decided to go on my SUP first. For me it was today the very first time doing it in the sea with waves.
Ive been supping for about max 1.5 hours.

The wind got stronger by the time.

I have to admit it was quite difficult and i sure do need more practise ripping waves with a SUP. But id enjoyed it a lot.

Afterwards i rigged up my 5.4m2 Sado 2G and quad LS95 underneeth.. HAd my piece of fun, but hoped for bigger waves.

I had some really nice waverides.. unfortunately my GoPro wasnt fully charged, it ran out of battery in couple of laps.

HAd to be home in time, around 3pm i loaded my car and got back home asap.
control at the exitgate, but didnt had to pay, cause the owner of the place still owed me a freeparkingticket. :-)