zondag 29 april 2012

NorthEaster Sideoff Sesh @The SKYline - Zandvoort - NL

To be continued!!! pics and movies to come. Another cold northeaster sesh! it was very crowded at the skyline...NOT! Just me and Jeroen out there today, everyone else thought other spots would been a better option.. NOT :-). I was sailing today on my 14year old malibu custom for a change!
Underneeth a Maui Ultra fin wave 25cm that should do its work, combined with a P7 sado 2g 5.4m2. I been riding a few nice waves :-) 5 topturns on a wave was definately optional here at Zandvoort. Sailing the malibuboard is always like easy cruising for me.. on the wave it reacts the same, easy. It definately turns but not as short with the quad boards or tri fins. I missed the slashy feeling and tighter turns. Probably 6 or 7 turns on a wave should of been possible aswell. I think with a Northeast direction the best possible spots along the coastline of NL would be Zandvoort upto ijmuiderslag. Most other spots wont break that well.

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