zondag 22 april 2012

Butt session @ horst

A cloudy rainyday. Only enough wind when there was thunder going on.
When i got on the wind just left and it cleared up.
As i wanted to try out my newest lightwind board mistral-AB+123L i went into the water anyway.
It took about an hour before the wind picked up and was enough to go planing, combined with some more rain.
For sure it was a Joyfull session ,but okay i at least planed for a bit. Shortly after the wind vanished totally and the sun came up. Heard that the boys at wijk aan zee had a better (wave)session. 6 beaufort and sun all day long. Next time!!!! :-)
GPS Statics session_date zondag 22 april 2012 Spot Wolderwijd - Strand Horst, Netherlands Board Mistral AB+ Slalom 123, 2011 Zeil Point-7 AC-1 2K11 7.9, 2011 Fin C3 STING 38 Type GPS Navi GT-31 Gemiddelde snelheid 53,18 kmh ( 54,56 54,22 54,17 53,03 49,93 ) Max. 2 sec. (software) 55,85 kmh 100 m run 55,45 kmh 250 m run 53,41 kmh 500 m run 48,06 kmh Nautische mijl 39,1 kmh 1 uur 8,51 kmh Alpha racing 29,87 kmh Afstand 12 km Duur 00:50:00 Windsnelheid 9 - 21 knots Wind richting SW ( 270)

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