vrijdag 27 april 2012

from SOS RF82 tri TO Goya Quad 104L @ WIJKIKI 26-april 2012

As the forecasts were quite good for today, i took a midday off from work and drove to Wijkiki asap! rigged up a sado2g 5.0m2 and took my SOS Rocketfish Tri 82L.
The Torb inator :-))
BoardKings team member Erik Haans
I had my bits of fun out there and shot a bit of film with the gopro hd2. -------update: 9-5-2012: a short muvee of todays sesh! Enjoy! ------------------------------ for a while the wind was on and off.. and later on it unfortunately stayed off.
It didnt take long before the wind dropped to a minimum. walked back over the dunes to the parking and rigged up a another set At the end of the day i was testing the float of a Goya Quad 104 2012 from Lampie, Martin ten Hoeve. i borrowed his 5.9m2 aswell, as i didnt brought any big sails with me. the wind was too less to do a bit of planing.
When i walked back over the dunes to the parking for the second time..it was starting to blow again. ofcourse! Overall it was a nice session, but short cause of the dropping winds..A huge stormchase anytime soon would be appreciated :-))

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