zondag 27 mei 2012

Sunset SupSesh! 26-5-12

The family days @ Horst. a sunny supping day it was. been out there with my family. having a laid back day.
My daughter going with me on the sup
but it was mostly playing with her kitty bucket
Those Warm temperatures makes it all good.
Unfortunately absolutely No wind the coming days.

vrijdag 25 mei 2012

Sunny eveningsesh @horst 25-5-2012

Summer days are coming finally! What to do with a little breeze and a day like like this? summercruising for sure! i took my 7.9m2 out ofthe sack and my Mistral-AB+ 123L for some quality time.
it was allready evening so i was planning to surf till sunset. After a while i thought.. hey lets go for a PR on the hour. So decided to do long laps towards the other end of the lake. which is i think 3.5-4kilometer laps? Doing several laps non stop till the hour is completed. My fastest hour isnt that fast (31,09kmh) at all as i never been paying attention to it. i was on fire, didnt fell in the water at all. on the last 15 minutes the wind vanished for about 10minutes. which costed me the pr.(30,81kmh) Bummer. GPS-speedsurfing.com todays gps statistics: session_date vrijdag 25 mei 2012 Spot Wolderwijd - Strand Horst, Netherlands Board Mistral AB+ Slalom 123, 2011 sail Point-7 AC-1 2K11 7.9, 2011 Fin C3 STING 38 Type GPS Navi GT-31 average speed 47,49 kmh ( 51,74 49,47 47,12 44,7 44,44 ) Max. 2 sec. (software) 53,91 kmh
100 m run 52,66 kmh 250 m run 50,49 kmh 500 m run 47,74 kmh Nautical mile 40,11 kmh 1 uur 30,81 kmh Alpha racing 28,79 kmh distance 55 km
Duur 02:09:00 Windspeed 12 - 21 knots Wind direction NE ( 270)
had a blast today with my buddy Aart ! i tried a few laps on his gear aswell, the new challenger racesails 2012 which felt superlight, stable, good rotation and FAST. thanks Aart.
time to go home

woensdag 16 mei 2012

IJmuiden - 16 mei 2012

I had a tun of things to do this morning.. so i got on late... To LATE..
As everyone was sailing 4.7-5.3 earlier this morning.. i had no other choice to rig on a Sado 2g 6.4m2. I had a few laps that where worth while, but shortly after a low end tuned 6.4m2 couldnt even make me plane anymore. todays conditions: Watertemp 12,8 degrees Celsius Windspeed 10,2m/s gusts 13,8 m/s and getting less by the minute... when i got on it was like 7,5ms max 11ms. Winddirection 312 degrees. Some GoPro2 shots ; wavesailing the 6.4m2 on a Quad LS95.
Up to the next Sesh!

woensdag 9 mei 2012

A Quicky @ Wijkiki !! VID made by GoPro HD2.

A short quicky Vid from last weeks Sesh @ Wijkiki. (26th of april) , but it sure gives a good impression of how it was like.Enjoy.