woensdag 16 mei 2012

IJmuiden - 16 mei 2012

I had a tun of things to do this morning.. so i got on late... To LATE..
As everyone was sailing 4.7-5.3 earlier this morning.. i had no other choice to rig on a Sado 2g 6.4m2. I had a few laps that where worth while, but shortly after a low end tuned 6.4m2 couldnt even make me plane anymore. todays conditions: Watertemp 12,8 degrees Celsius Windspeed 10,2m/s gusts 13,8 m/s and getting less by the minute... when i got on it was like 7,5ms max 11ms. Winddirection 312 degrees. Some GoPro2 shots ; wavesailing the 6.4m2 on a Quad LS95.
Up to the next Sesh!

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