zaterdag 17 november 2012


What can i say about this session which was on 24 september 2012 Wijk aan Zee - Netherlands I'm not sure if i ever sailed in such windy conditions before. Hurricane windspeeds from 50 upto 60+ knots / like a full blasting 11 beaufort (alsmost 12) I didnt had the right equipment today. Cant forgive myself leaving my Point-7 SWAG 3.2m2 + my SOS Rocketfish 68L at home!! I never expected it to be this windy. I was on my 3.7m2 SWAG and rigged it +4 cm above the recommended settings. Otherwise it got blown out of my hands straight away. As you perhaps can imagine, i was not having control. Overpowerd is just not the right word..more likely Survival out there. Anyhow.. aslike coach Jem Hall recently said to me: IF YOU DONT GO, YOU WONT F***ING KNOW! note: This session was before i followed the waveclinic in Ireland last october 2012, coached by windsurfinstructor Jem Hall. ... I KNOW, i know !! Long Lines and NO W**king !! :P

60 KNOTS/ 11 BEAUFORT @ WIJKIKI BEACH - NL from Surfjunky on Vimeo.


maandag 5 november 2012

Wijki SUP SESH 4-11-12

As i missed all of the windy days last week since i got back from my windsurf/SUP Ireland trip, cause of work and babysitting on my own kiddies :-) i just had to have a little bit of TOW this weekend. So when the wind died on sunday.. i had finally had the time to go on ;o) On the SUP it will be. With a surfbuddy of mine we went to Wijk aan zee. Minimal waves, 3-5 ft high, a light breeze offshore. A whole bunch of surfers swimming around, meaning the Surf was up! ;)
A had a few nice rides, tried to do topturns on the lip. A lot to improve still but had my bits of fun again!
As its wintertime now, around 5pm it got dark. Time to go home and take a hot shower.

vrijdag 2 november 2012

Swell at DUMPS with the SUP - Brandon bay- Ireland

Nice swell rolling in here at brandon bay - Dumps and drainpipes! Going out there on the SUP.
quality time washing!
What a day, Ireland Rocks!

Magic Ireland - ANOTHER GREAT VID from the Irish windsurf-SUP Trip

Another impression of the irish windsurf.SUP trip we had in october 2012.
spots: brandon bay-Dumps, drainpipes, scrappy bay, roadtrips,coumeenole bay, inches,and a bit of killarney fishing ;-)  i just had to trow out some of my lures in the beautifull lakes. :-)

I  can say, we all had an awesome time over there and hopefully next year will bring even more fun, wind and swell!

Enjoy the video! (made by Jacco Bergsma)

WIND-SUP at Slea Head- Coumeenole beach - IRELAND October 2012

Roadtrip to Slea Head- Coumeenole beach  IRELAND

An amazing impression of todays session!  Footage from the irish windsurf/sup trip october 2012
We had loads of fun out there on the roadtrip!
 I was there sailing (with the NP alpha 5.4m2)on the SUP RRD  WASSUP 9.0 borrowed it from Jem Hall (our coach)and been supping aswell.  Enjoy the vid.

Vid made by Jacco Bergsma!