maandag 5 november 2012

Wijki SUP SESH 4-11-12

As i missed all of the windy days last week since i got back from my windsurf/SUP Ireland trip, cause of work and babysitting on my own kiddies :-) i just had to have a little bit of TOW this weekend. So when the wind died on sunday.. i had finally had the time to go on ;o) On the SUP it will be. With a surfbuddy of mine we went to Wijk aan zee. Minimal waves, 3-5 ft high, a light breeze offshore. A whole bunch of surfers swimming around, meaning the Surf was up! ;)
A had a few nice rides, tried to do topturns on the lip. A lot to improve still but had my bits of fun again!
As its wintertime now, around 5pm it got dark. Time to go home and take a hot shower.

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