zondag 23 oktober 2011

Stand Up Paddle Beautifull SUP day @ Vinkeveense plassen 23-10-2011

A beautifull autumn sunday. Sunny but fresh with 10 degrees. I went with my son to the Vinkeveense plassen, for a Stand Up Paddle board session.

I was able to borrow a Starboard Race SUP 12,6 model 2011 and Martijn de Man himself was standing up on a Fanatic Race Fly 12,5 model 2011.

Do you need Quick International transport? Martijn de Man, The Man - Check his website www.demansneltransport.nl

The water out there at Vinkeveen is so very clear that you can see the bottum almost everywhere upto 4-5 metres deep. There were not much fishes were i was at.. I think the cold weather had something to do with it. All Fish moved to deeper waters.. In the summer months it will be different im sure.
My son was able to go on my custom malibu waveboard.

I only have a paddle from a little inflatable toyboat, but my son managed it well.
We had lots of fun paddling around on the stand ups.
So much fun that it ll be an interesting sport to do for next season. More TOW Time on water.. is always nice!
So one of these months i have to get myself a SUP and 2 good paddles.

Martijn brought 2 oval carbon paddles. the brand/type i forgot, but they were felt nice.

Cruising around with the Gopro.

As you can see on the nose of Martijn's the board, the wellknown Pink Elephant, Casa Rosso Amsterdam RLD. ahummm... 8-)

cruising with my son :-)

Here below some more gopro shots from todays session;
Cruising and enjoying the weather.

Martijn and my son on the SUP having fun
nice houses @ the Vinkeveense plassen..

My surf/sup buddy Martijn de Man.. Hopefully next season aswell on a Wave SUP.

Switching race SUPS. From a Starboard race to a fanatic Fly race.
they're both really nice tour sups, but have to say that the fanatic had a much better glide though. Probably because of the narrow canoe nose.

Its so much fun to be on the water together with my son.
Martijn testing the GOpro

The little 5km trip me, martijn and my son made :-)
a lot more routes trough Vinkeveen possible! Probably one day ill take my rod and baits with me. Such clear water.. there should be big fishes swimming there!

S-UP to the next session!

zaterdag 8 oktober 2011

IJmuiden supersession with the flymount 8-10-2011

A Muvee says more then words.. GREAT session @ IJmuiden!!

------Update 15-10-2011... now in a HD-version, without bugs 8-)

Minimal windspeeds / onshore 330degrees Northwest.

woensdag 5 oktober 2011

Quatro time @Wijk 5.0m2 Full on!

A nice day to be out there again.

Luckily i had a babysit for today so i was able to have some extra time on the water.
it was windy enough for a 5.0m2, that with the LS95 underneeth.
My dad came around on the end of the day and shot a bit of film with the sony hx1 camera.
When my editing programm is working again as it should il try add some material later on in this season.

Anyone knows the identity of the stig? ;o)

zaterdag 1 oktober 2011

on da 'SUP' with family @ Horst

1 0ctober and 27degrees? another day without any wind.

Our friend Ivy from Singapore came for a visit this weekend, took her with us to Strand Horst for some qualitytime chill'ing @ Horst.

Me and my boy were paddling out enjoying the weather.

My daughter

on da board with daddy
our friends Roland and Ivy
From Horst, to SHabu Shabu restaurant.. SUSHI time! Yummm

Time to go home