donderdag 25 november 2010

Gopro HD session 4-11-2011 Part 1/2 SOS Rocketfish 68Lx P7 Sado 4.5m2

The winterdays are coming... yikes. So i had bits of time left to edit my first Gopro HD movie from 4th november 2010.
The first part of the day, i used my smallest board SOS68 and 4.5m2 which you can see in the movie. Later on in the afternoon i took my red sos 82L and made another gopro muvee. Part2 comes later on when I have it finished. But now, hereby my first GOPRO HD windsurfmovie!!! Unfortunately i did nothing radical on cam, just a bit of testing the gopro camera and was mainly just cruising trough the shorebreaks of Wijk aan zee - Netherlands. the conditions were quite messy,grey, rainy, but windy.
If you cant enjoy the sounds of tech-trance, i advice you to turn the volume down ;o)

GOPRO HD Windsurfing session 4-11-2010 Wijk aan Zee, Netherlands from Surfjunky on Vimeo.

donderdag 4 november 2010

woensdag 3 november 2010

tommorows windspeed 46 knots!?

Tommorows weather looks quite radical for sure. Tried to get off work with noon. My buddy Robin took off from work too. Great. MArtijn isnt able to windsurf anymore for a few months cause of his kneeproblems. bummer.
Around 2pm i should be on the water till darkness comes in. Sideoneshore conditions, logohigh waves combined with a windspeed of 46 knots, 9 beaufort. I can just hoooooooooooope its going to happen. To be continueddddddd