donderdag 25 november 2010

Gopro HD session 4-11-2011 Part 1/2 SOS Rocketfish 68Lx P7 Sado 4.5m2

The winterdays are coming... yikes. So i had bits of time left to edit my first Gopro HD movie from 4th november 2010.
The first part of the day, i used my smallest board SOS68 and 4.5m2 which you can see in the movie. Later on in the afternoon i took my red sos 82L and made another gopro muvee. Part2 comes later on when I have it finished. But now, hereby my first GOPRO HD windsurfmovie!!! Unfortunately i did nothing radical on cam, just a bit of testing the gopro camera and was mainly just cruising trough the shorebreaks of Wijk aan zee - Netherlands. the conditions were quite messy,grey, rainy, but windy.
If you cant enjoy the sounds of tech-trance, i advice you to turn the volume down ;o)

GOPRO HD Windsurfing session 4-11-2010 Wijk aan Zee, Netherlands from Surfjunky on Vimeo.

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