zondag 30 september 2012

5-oceans @ wijk aan zee 30-09-2012

Didnt know what to expect really by arrival. Filled my car with a bunch of sails and boards. Should be able to do something out there.. Rigged up a custom sail from 5-Oceans. Curious what that'll bring. a 5.0m2 and a quad ls95 should do the job. right away able to test the high end of this board, in medium wind conditions. Most people were out on a 4.7m2 on 80liter boards. The 5-Oceans is an extremely lightweight sail. It for sure didnt took long to get used to. The swingweight is insane. The wind was quite strong, but on and off the same time. i think overall during the day 5.0m2 was a good choice to be on.
see pic above, Jepe ! the Photographer, making the best shots as always. hopefully soon some pictures from todays session. check jepe.nl or look for him on facebook. here below, Boardkingsteammember Erik H. !! always smiling :-)) he just had a great sesh with his 4.7m2.
Windspeeds from 12/13ms and in the gusts probably around 15ms or so.
At the lakes it was like 11-20knots..like 4/5 beaufort max. made a good choice today to do a wavesesh instead of a racesesh
soon more pictures of today's session!

29-9-2012. Cruising at The lake

Had a busy day. But found the time to surf max 1:45 hours in the afternoon before i had to rush home again. :-)
I wanted to improve my gps pr on the hour. Its like 31kmh so far. But it didnt work out today. To many windless moments. Ended up with an hour of 30kmh. ;-) just 1kmh below my pr.
I didnt do any downruns or whatsoever. Just cruising up and down the lakes, endless jibing for max 1:45 hour non stop. I didnt fell of once. :-)).
Mistral AB+ 123L
About the sail i was using 7.9m2 AC1 2k12. Is such an inprovement to the former ac1 2k11 . They feel lighter in hands and the rotation is so much better now. Havent done any speed/downruns with it but someday i will and see how fast i can go with them. I do need to try out a wider boom one of these days. On a al360 e3 carbon waveboom160-220. The sail hits the boom to easily and i always have to pull the uphaul a bit more then needed. So it wont go far over the boom. Anyways it was a nice day to be on the water again. Todays windstatistics on the spot 12-21knots max.

dinsdag 25 september 2012

Biggest STORM of the year! 61 KNOTS MAX !

got on around 15:45.. FLAT as a pancake.. crossofshore..within an hour it was 3-4meters max sideshore with a MAX speed upto 61knots BIZARRRR that is. Cant forgive myself not taking my new SWAG 3.2m2 with me in the car. Yesterday i was with my son on the lake with the swag 3.2, but today it definately could be abused bigtime in this biggest storm this year /ever? Beside that i left my stormchase board, my SOS rocketfish68 at home aswell :S. only took my quad LS85and LS95 with me.. sails 3.7m2 upto 5.6m2. Asyou can see i was not expecting to use a 3.7 anyway. Ended up extremely fully overpowerd with the 3.7 point-7 SWAG and a quatro quad LS85 underneeth.. one word : survival.
a few statistics from Wijk aan zee: Insane windspeeds
below windspeeds at my homespeed spot Strand Horst the same day..a lot less ;o)
been there till darkness came in. I got cramps in my lowerarm. time to stop. I saw Bart ter H, going in late with a 4.2m2...and he had his shortest windsurfing session ever. ;) Thanks to the guys at the parkinglot who helped getting my rdm mast again in 2 pieces! the first half hour i had the swag 3.7m2 rigged at the recommended settings.. but quickly that was not an option anymore. Couldnt hold it the swag anymore. rigged it to its max. downhaul to a maximum loose leech, and the boomlength was +4cm upto 148cm while 144cm is recommended. It was the only option for me at the time, to be still using my 3.7m2 that between the extreme gusts.. here a few shots from - jepe.nl - search for him on facebook, he has many awesome pictures from todays session.
as i was more busy with surviving, i only did some floaty jumps and well counted, just one tabletop ;o) and that was about it lol. the kewl thing about it was, i did the table top at the end of the session, when i had no strenght left. i took my gopro with me, mainly its me swimming, crashing, getting blown away.. trying to walk with my gear, sitting at the beaches getting blasted by shells, things like that. but who knows, hopefully some radical footage on it. ill check it soon! as far i can remember i had one big airrrrrrr floatyjump. Tommorow the wind is less but there should be nice swell coming in.. im not able to go. to bad. Work is calling my name and the rest of the week its probably a lot offamilytime. :-) But i definately had my shot for now. ======================================== GoPro Shots !

zondag 23 september 2012

My son on da point-7 SWAG 3.2 m2

A quick try out for my son with his new Toys at the lakes! Swaggatime ;-)
It was a bit heavy for him compared to his former kiddyrig 2.5m2. But next year he'll be ten years old and it should work out even better.

vrijdag 21 september 2012


My smallest wavesails for coming(stormchase)season will be a set of SWAGS! 3.2m2 / 3.7m2 / 4.2m2!! The 3.2m2 has a double function though. Ill be probably using it when forces hitting 9 - 11 beaufort. My 9year old son will be using it aswell, but then at the lakes nearby doing some kiddywindsurfing. close ups of the SWAG 3.7m2.
okay some rigging.. above it says: 370 and compatible mast 340.. ok lets put a reccommended srdm 370 inside, with zero extension. it seemed out that it was a no go!
There should be saying -10cm (360cm)/ Here a pic with a 340rdm and extension set on +20cm.
I used a Waymaster which is quite specific. I used to weight my fishes/carps/catfish with it, when i get to catched a big one. :-) The 3.7 m2 SWAG, see pic below. 2.8kg on the waymaster
SWAG 3.2m2 2,6 kg( my old P7 sado 3.3m2 from 2010/2011 was 3.350kg) SWAG 3.7m2 2.8 kg SWAG 4.2m2 3.0 kg ------------------ SALT 3G 5.6m2 3.8 kg, which is by far lighter then my sado 2G 5.4 from last year, which i measured on 4.250kg. --------------- CURIOUS about different weights? Other P7 sails i had on the same scale: 3.2 swag'13 2.6kg 3.7 swag'13 2.8kg 4.0 salt'12 3.3kg 4.2 swag'13 3.0kg 4.5 sado'11 3.9kg 4.5 sado2g'12 3.7kg 5.0 sado2g'12 4.1kg 5.4 sado2g'12 4.250kg 5.6 salt3G'13 3.8kg 2013! check the weightdifference! 6.4 sado2g'12 4.5kg 6.6 sado'11 Heavy! By far, the 2013 wavesails are much lighter then the years before. Should improve its handling alot. The swingweight goes to a minimum. Soon we ll see how they work out on the water :-)