donderdag 20 september 2012

Zandvoort Summer SUPSESH 08-09-12

A beautifull summerday to be at the beaches of Zandvoort.
I went supping for a bit and brought my son with me so he could do some bodyboarding. Jeroen G. was out there aswell, or should i say as always ;o)
He was on a roll! Mr. Supguru !
im still the beginner though in wave-SUP-ing scene. But its hella fun to do!
After a few hours i had other things to do, but it was fun while it lasted. Next week some wind again..although no luck for me as i have again some surgery coming monday which keeps me out of the water again for a week at the least. Hopefully this autumn brings more luck for me and some radical wavesailing days!!! My new point-7 2013 shizzle should come at the end of next week, cant wait allready!

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