zondag 30 september 2012

5-oceans @ wijk aan zee 30-09-2012

Didnt know what to expect really by arrival. Filled my car with a bunch of sails and boards. Should be able to do something out there.. Rigged up a custom sail from 5-Oceans. Curious what that'll bring. a 5.0m2 and a quad ls95 should do the job. right away able to test the high end of this board, in medium wind conditions. Most people were out on a 4.7m2 on 80liter boards. The 5-Oceans is an extremely lightweight sail. It for sure didnt took long to get used to. The swingweight is insane. The wind was quite strong, but on and off the same time. i think overall during the day 5.0m2 was a good choice to be on.
see pic above, Jepe ! the Photographer, making the best shots as always. hopefully soon some pictures from todays session. check jepe.nl or look for him on facebook. here below, Boardkingsteammember Erik H. !! always smiling :-)) he just had a great sesh with his 4.7m2.
Windspeeds from 12/13ms and in the gusts probably around 15ms or so.
At the lakes it was like 11-20knots..like 4/5 beaufort max. made a good choice today to do a wavesesh instead of a racesesh
soon more pictures of today's session!

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