zaterdag 6 oktober 2012

Lunchbreak Speedsession @ Horst 5-9-2012

working all day long was initially the plan.. but windspeeds of 40 knots cant be missed.
took a long lunchbreak of 2.5hours that ive been away from the office. I went to my speedspot asap.For the first time i rigged my smallest point-7 ac1-2k11 5.6m2 combined with my barely used AB+46 SPeedboard. the wind was still howling at the time i was riggingg up my gear. unfortunaly when i got on i had like 2 laps that it was windy enough.. the wind decreased big times afterwards. Ended up to much underpowerd,sinking, things like that. I sold my 6.3 and 7.2 allready several weeks ago.. that would of been the best combo a 80liter board with a 6.3m2. Im waiting at the moment for the ac1-2k13 sails to come in. if id arrived two hours earlier, a 10-12am sesh.. i could burned all of my Pr's for sure. sometime you win, sometime you loose. ;o) as it wasnt all that anymore and i didnt have bigger gear with me, i rushed back to finish up work.i found these pictures on the web, from a photographer, calls himself lighthouse;Thanks for the pictures.

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