woensdag 28 september 2011

My babygirl Jadé 2yrs old..and windsurfing.. first time! @horst 28-9-2011

Today a wonderfull sunny autumnday, my dad came over to my place and decided to go all together for a bit of surfing at the lake. Its been many years ago that my dad been windsurfing again. My boy went out also for a few laps. But the coolest thing for today was my little 2 yr old babydaughter doing her first windsurfsession! doing it just like daddy lol.
A few times she climbed on the board herself and was pumping the boom a bit.

pulling the daggerboard deeper

So funny to see. Perhaps ill next year for a little kiddierig again a 1.0m2. With a Starboard Ido the mast stands straight up anyway so it makes it very easy for them little ones to step on, and sail away.

But first things first... a few lessons ;o)

and then off we go !!!
My dad enjoying the surf!

beautifull day at horst

brother and little sister.

See you soon! byeeeeeeee

woensdag 21 september 2011

ZANDVOORT 20-09-2011 5-Oceans-Witchcraft V3.0 92L vs P7 Sado 2G- Quatro Quad LS95

As its been quite a while, i decided to go to my former homespot: Zandvoort aan zee! I met up Jeroen G. at the skyline.

In the beginning we were alone out there in the sea sailing together, no other windsurfers around.
The conditions were quite minimal, but just enough for the sado 2g 5.4m2.

Jeroen had his 5-Oceans 5.3 and a Witchcraft V3.0 92L underneeth.
I had my Quad LS95 underneeth. Managed to do some tabletops, backloops(attempts) and a few frontside rides in sideon conditions.
The forecast doesnt look any good coming week. up to the next session.

zondag 18 september 2011

17 september 2011 Wijk aan Zee

Headed to Wijk again.. as it should be bits windy!

When i was actually standing on top of the dunes.. i had some doubts what to rig.
The wind should be increasing but it didnt look much at the time. Rigged my Sado 5.4m2, hoping it would got stronger later on.. that with the quatro quad ls95 underneeth. Didnt brought any other boards with me so didnt leave me much else choice.
The wind was up and down all day. Nothing big, nothing special, but had my piece of fun.
Later on the afternoon i had the idea the wind was increasing bits, and took a break to get a drink at the parking.. took that time aswell to change sailsizes. From 5.4 to Sado 2g 5.0m2. When i was back the beach. The wind was gone again.. and now i was standing there with an even smaller sailsize. Waited a while and the windmachine luckily came back. Not much stronger but still able to plane. The first time sailing the new sado 2g 5.0m2.
I must say, the sails are such an improvement to the older models. Besides the different outline, looks, the sail has an enormous low end. And gives a stable feeling in hands. I am curious though when i get to surf in highwind conditions with these sails.

Packed and ready to go home..

maandag 12 september 2011

12 september 2011. Eveningsession@ horst

session_date maandag 12 september 2011
Spot Wolderwijd - Strand Horst, Netherlands
Board AB+ 59 Slalom, 2009
Zeil Point-7 AC-1 2K11 6.3, 2011
Fin C3 Venom 30
Type GPS Navi GT-31

Gemiddelde snelheid 64,49 kmh ( 66,27 66,16 65,31 62,78 61,96 )
Max. 2 sec. (software) 69,95 kmh
100 m run 68,16 kmh
250 m run 65,72 kmh
500 m run 62,08 kmh
Nautische mijl 47,12 kmh
1 uur 26,71 kmh
Alpha racing 38,87 kmh
Afstand 49 km
Duur 01:34:00
Windsnelheid 17 - 32 knots
Wind richting SW ( 270)

The eveningsessions are getting shorter each time...For the first time today i went on my AB+59 (95L), it took some time getting used to it, but quickly a max GPS 70.30kmh was shown on the gps. Very pleased with the board. I sold my Fanatic Falcon 102L. Instead i have now a smaller one 95L for 7.2m2 and still searching for a bigger sized slalom board with approximately 107 upto 112L for my 7.9m2 only. A bit more float, a bit more comfort, perhaps ill go for a freerace board next season. I'm happy to have my AB+ range complete(almost)! AB+46,AB+54,AB+59! only an AB+67 is missing here.
For an better average this evening, I needed a bit more time. But it got dark so soon. Ended up sailing alone in the dark, with my dark sails :-). Windspeeds were about 17-32 knots in a southwest direction.

Missed out a huge stormsession @ Wijk.. :-(

Windspeeds max 27,4m/s 53knots !!! Unbelievable.. cant believe i missed out (again) cause of Worrrrrrrrrrrrk.

zondag 11 september 2011

Quad vs Trifin !? Sunday 11th September 2011 Wijk aan zee

I had 2 boards to try out this sunday! As i had been searching for a good replacement for my S.O.S.Rocket 92, which i recently sold.. i was able to borrow a witchcraft V3.0 92L trifin and a Quatro Quad LS95! exactly the type of boards i had in mind.
Can you see the differences in the bottumshape? A total other concept.

But first things first. Got to take them out on the water :-)
Sunday 11 september i headed to wijk aan zee.

The conditions were unfortunately quite minimal but sideshore.

Rigged the 5.4m2 sado 2g.
a few GOPRO shots!

A sunny session it was. The board feels very loose on the water, but yet gives enough lift cause the 4 fins. It doesnt brake out in the bottomturns. The stance was a bit wide for me.. but ill change that anytime soon.

When i wanted to change the quad 95 for a trifin 92L the wind dropped. Later on the day i gave the witchcraft V3.0 back to its original happy owner Jeroen G. He wasnt selling his board anyway ;o)
I think i find a very good replacement with this Quatro Quad LS95.