woensdag 21 september 2011

ZANDVOORT 20-09-2011 5-Oceans-Witchcraft V3.0 92L vs P7 Sado 2G- Quatro Quad LS95

As its been quite a while, i decided to go to my former homespot: Zandvoort aan zee! I met up Jeroen G. at the skyline.

In the beginning we were alone out there in the sea sailing together, no other windsurfers around.
The conditions were quite minimal, but just enough for the sado 2g 5.4m2.

Jeroen had his 5-Oceans 5.3 and a Witchcraft V3.0 92L underneeth.
I had my Quad LS95 underneeth. Managed to do some tabletops, backloops(attempts) and a few frontside rides in sideon conditions.
The forecast doesnt look any good coming week. up to the next session.

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