woensdag 28 september 2011

My babygirl Jadé 2yrs old..and windsurfing.. first time! @horst 28-9-2011

Today a wonderfull sunny autumnday, my dad came over to my place and decided to go all together for a bit of surfing at the lake. Its been many years ago that my dad been windsurfing again. My boy went out also for a few laps. But the coolest thing for today was my little 2 yr old babydaughter doing her first windsurfsession! doing it just like daddy lol.
A few times she climbed on the board herself and was pumping the boom a bit.

pulling the daggerboard deeper

So funny to see. Perhaps ill next year for a little kiddierig again a 1.0m2. With a Starboard Ido the mast stands straight up anyway so it makes it very easy for them little ones to step on, and sail away.

But first things first... a few lessons ;o)

and then off we go !!!
My dad enjoying the surf!

beautifull day at horst

brother and little sister.

See you soon! byeeeeeeee

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