maandag 5 september 2011

speedsession tommorow? it sure looks good!

Another stormchase in our country!! YES
At my home/wave spot Wijk.. 40+knots and sideshore!!!! Wow..
But im going to miss out on that. :-( As i have to work all day, and only have a bit time left to play out here on the lake before dark. It's going to be a short afterwork speedsession @Strand Horst. windspeeds there upto 40knots..Should be enough for my smallest racesail 6.3m2...(need to find myself a 5.5 for these conditions i think) and windspeeds should be increasing during daytime. im glad because im there after 6:30 pm.Normally 90% of the days im speeding afterwork. im to late and missed out on the good winds lol ;o)
Hopefully i can have my 5x10 sec runs before it gets dark. I'm Excited to use one of my new speed' toys. Tommorow it should be the day that im going to try out for a first; the AB+46 SPEED, aswell a first with a 21cm C3 slingshot underneeth.

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