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Sado 2G @Wijk aan Zee 28th of august 2011

A sunny day at the beaches of Wijk aan zee. As i got some new shizzle in to try out, i couldnt wait hitting the shorebreaks again.
The winddirection was unfortunately onshore, and a bit light.

10-13ms / 4 upto at times 5 beaufort.

The watertemperature was about 18 degrees, the weathertemperature outside 20degrees with a bit of sun for a change.

At the beach, GoPRO moments...

As i sold the other day my biggest waveboard, SOS rocket92, and not having my S.O.S. Rocketfish 82L back yet from repair, it didnt leave me much choice to go onto my oldest customWave Warrior Malibu board.
A 25cm wave Maui Ultrafin underneeth, my favourite fin for this board.

Today I rigged up the biggest wavesail from Point-7, Sado 2G 6.4m2 , combined with the new Point-7 Honeycomb carbon Omega boom. both using them for the first time!
Recommended boomlength on the 6.4m2 was 184cm. I tried the first few hours boomlenght 182cm. Later on the day i changed it to the recommended setting 184cm. Both boomlenghts were ok, although -2cm gave even more power, but gave in by handling. The Sado 2G needs a lot of 'pull' at the uphaul. Compared to my former Sado sails so much pull wasnt needed. Those sails had much more downhaul too then the new ones. There was almost no loose leech in the sail. Although on the water they 'breath' heavily . as i could see on the gopro movies i took.. The 'belly'of the sail was enourmous, explains the amount of power. I'm curious and do want the try these sails asap in full powerd up conditions. See how that will work out. I do want to try them aswell, 'with' loose leech, and a maximum pull on the downhaul on a stormy day.

On the streamlined extension i did a +2cm above recommended.

With the recommended boomlength as you can see there is no loose leech combined with a enourmous belly.
So no loose leech... that even with +2cm above recommended!!
On the water the sail had enough pull dragging me to the shorebreaks and currents. Im glad, because today a lot of people were swimming and getting washed cause by lacking power.

Here below my surfbuddy Robin B. was behind me..cruising together. He was with his JP quad 68L and 5.4m2 wavesail. The leightweight sailor he is :-P.

A backloop with the big shizzle. (do have to admit, the landing wasnt as planned ;o) )

Im glad my custom Malibu still does its thing for the 14th season in a row! and still going strong. It does misses out on the tight short turns, but in nice longer waves, it gives a lot of fun waveriding down the line, next to that its always easy comfortable sailing this malibu. If i could turn back time.. i would of give the board some extra +15L volume.. because it barely has 90L.. and that even with its size 264x60cm.

The new Sado 2g 6.4m2 felt as a smaller sail, like i was riding a 5.4m2 only with much more power in hands. Some random people who asked about the sailsize, they thought i had put on a 5.4m2... and got surprised when they heard it was 6.4m2. The sails 'belly', felt strange to me in the beginning... like it was sailing a ac1 2k11 :-) so much power, but yet totally different. The conditions were to minimal and onshore.. before give a good opinion about these sails. i need to test these in other conditions aswell. But in onshore messy conditions they were perfect.

The carbon omega boom was set on a medium/normal suspension. Not sure yet if i like it or not. Cant say it annoyed me, cant say it was a better boom then my streamlined (which is lighter, narrow diameter, stiffer connexion to the mast). I guess i have to use it some more often in different suspension settings. I think the most benefits will be on those stormchase days with higher jumps and hard landings. Time will tell. For now, CHEERS.

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