dinsdag 9 augustus 2011

Afterwork session @Strand Horst 9th of august 2011

Last sunday i drove to strand horst.. it was so crowded out there and when i got there the wind was gone ofcourse,
and went home again. Picture above is from last sunday 7th of august..
So today id gave it a another try. Afterwork i went for a short session to horst.
Ofcourse when i arrived the wind was just about gone...kites falling down, everybody next to its board.. pff waited half an hour and the wind came back a little.. during daytimes it was about 15-27knots.
During the evening 13-22knots. I rigged my biggest sail that i had with me.
P7 7.2 ac-1 2kii. Rigged that one with a c3 venom 34cm underneeth my FF 102.
Had some laps with good power in my sails..
but most of all i was lacking power. After about 23kilometers the wind was gone.
So rounded it up for today.
Perhaps later on this week i get to plane a bit.

Hopefully my new wavesails will be arrivingg anytime this week, together with my reborn SOS RF82!!!

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