maandag 18 juli 2011

sideoff to side shore mellow conditions @ Wijk aan zee 17th july 2011

What a difference compared to the other day...Sunny weather, sideoff to sideshore wind about 5-6 beaufort and waves from 1 to 2.5meter.
I had one minor problem.. I sold my 3 biggest sails the other week!!
My friend Robin let me borrow his set wavesails...

Neilpryde Alpha 5.4 (and 4,7 and 6,5) so i could go out and have a blast anyway. Many thanks Robin!
I didnt had a board with me aswell... Borrowed Martijn de Man's Fanatic Twinzer 93L '2010. Also Big thanks to Martijn!
Didnt do any crazy jumps today, didnt wanna demolish someone elses gear ;o)
focussed a bit on the waveriding. Which was fun. 3 to 5 turns on a good wave was possible today. This twinzer makes tight turns. Enough volume to keep my head above water. It felt a bit slippery, but thats something i have to get used to. Down the line was really nice in the bottom turns, and on top of the wave it slides nicely away. Sailing only upwind was bits more work then the usual.

The wind was up and down all day.. 5.4 max loose leech.. to 5.4 low end (no loose leech at all and smaller boomlenghts) changed it about 4 times.
Around 8:00 pm it was enough.. Time to go home and up to the next session! Which will be probably in a few weeks from now, as im going on a holiday with my family. By the time i am back on the water its probably with my SOS Rocketfish 82L singlefin customized into TRIfin. My new sails and boom will be here at the end of july. Point-7 SAdo 2G sails with the Honeycomb Omega carbon waveboom!! Cant wait to try out the new gear.

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