zaterdag 16 juli 2011

Nucleair winds @IJmuiden /GoPro wavesession- 9-10 Beaufort Northwest 14th july 2011

Decided around 5:00pm at work.. that i shouldnt miss out on this day. I got home from work about 6:00pm after a little arguement with my wife because i had some other appointment later this evening which brutely had to be canceled.. I packed my stuff quickly and joined the trafficjams all the way to the beach of IJmuiden. Around 7.40pm i was finally on the water. Very late, cloudy and raining hard non stop..but man oh Man NUCLEAIR winds!!!

Hanging here onto my boom in the sky and a decent set breaking underneeth...

Windspeeds from 18m/s to 25m/s which is about max 10 beaufort / 49knots.
To bad that the winddirection went during midday from north (side)to Northwest direction (sideon) when i got on the water. But the wind was still there and picking up.
The watertemperature is very nice this time of year. My fullsuit Oneill psycho2 3x2mm is the right choice for these days. Outside temperature colder then the watertemp.
This is the reason why i decided to buy a 3.3m2. I dont wanna miss out on these real stormchase days, and then had to miss out simply because a 4.0 or 3.7m2 would of been too much.
My buddy Robin was there, rigged his 3.3m2 aswell in combo with his new jp quad 68L. but he got blown away on the water even with a 3.3m2.
I saw Torben there very shortly aswell with his 3.8m2, but he got blown away too.
In the gusts it was really hard to hold on. In the beginning i rigged my 3.3m2 low end, but noticed after a few laps in these kinda conditions i had to give the 3.3m2 a little more downhaul. :-) I didnt had much control out there.. even a simple jibe was hard to do. But managed to do a few nice jumps and a handfull frontside and backsidewaverides. After a while the wind became less. When i was quite a far out, i needed a more volume underneeth. 68L/3.3m2 and 90+ kg can be a difficult settup at times. The waves were huge at the back. After 9pm a 4.0m2 would of been a better size. OH well it was getting dark anyways. Not having any intention to swap sailsizes. Im glad i didnt miss out this eveningsession.

Time to go home... a short very powerfull session... Next time a bit more sun pretty please!!!
While i was derigging my gear all of a sudden a nosy fox came to my car and guess it was curious to see what i was doing at the parking ;o)
As it was dark allready unfortunately i couldnt make a good (Gopro)shot.

Got home around midnight.. went to bed about 1.30am.. and a a few hours later got up for a 9h long day @ the job.. that being wasted.

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