woensdag 1 december 2010

-12 degrees.. WINTER - refresh and checkup

Its freezing big time now. Got bits of time to check up/pimp/refresh my gear.
Last week i pimped my Maui Sails carbon boom 170-230, refreshed it with a another streamlinedboomhead. this should be a lot stiffer then the orginal MSboomhead, lots easier to mounth on the mast and an even stiffer construction.

I was always struggling with the mauisails boomhead with mounting it on the mast. I did have such good experiences with my other (smaller wave)streamlined true performance boom 140-190, why i made the decision to swap heads. Ill have to wait a few months i guess before i can test it on the water.

Last week i bought a another board too, next to my AB+54 78L. FF speed 68L. I replaced my biggest board, fanatic falcon 105 (110L)'2007 for a Fanatic Falcon 102 '2010 (103Liter).

The Fanatic Falcon 102 should be lots faster then the FF 105 in 7.2 and 7.7m2 conditions.

But as the weatherconditions are now (freeeeeeeeezing my ass of), its probably going to be tested in 2011. See you next year!

donderdag 25 november 2010

Gopro HD session 4-11-2011 Part 1/2 SOS Rocketfish 68Lx P7 Sado 4.5m2

The winterdays are coming... yikes. So i had bits of time left to edit my first Gopro HD movie from 4th november 2010.
The first part of the day, i used my smallest board SOS68 and 4.5m2 which you can see in the movie. Later on in the afternoon i took my red sos 82L and made another gopro muvee. Part2 comes later on when I have it finished. But now, hereby my first GOPRO HD windsurfmovie!!! Unfortunately i did nothing radical on cam, just a bit of testing the gopro camera and was mainly just cruising trough the shorebreaks of Wijk aan zee - Netherlands. the conditions were quite messy,grey, rainy, but windy.
If you cant enjoy the sounds of tech-trance, i advice you to turn the volume down ;o)

GOPRO HD Windsurfing session 4-11-2010 Wijk aan Zee, Netherlands from Surfjunky on Vimeo.

donderdag 4 november 2010

GoProHD Day! 7-8 beaufort @ Wijk aan zee 4 november 2010

Not the 9 beaufort i hoped for, but a decent 7 to 8 beaufort with sideonshore winds.
To be continued.

woensdag 3 november 2010

tommorows windspeed 46 knots!?

Tommorows weather looks quite radical for sure. Tried to get off work with noon. My buddy Robin took off from work too. Great. MArtijn isnt able to windsurf anymore for a few months cause of his kneeproblems. bummer.
Around 2pm i should be on the water till darkness comes in. Sideoneshore conditions, logohigh waves combined with a windspeed of 46 knots, 9 beaufort. I can just hoooooooooooope its going to happen. To be continueddddddd

zondag 24 oktober 2010

Another sideshore day @ Wijk 23-10-2010

Oyeah a lot of sideshore ripping lately! Now from the other side. So off to Wijk for a short midday session.

Heard that tuns of people were waiting since the early morning, with offshore rainy cold circumstances and no wind.

My timing was good today. The wind was gusty. I rigged the same combo SOS82x5.0m2. The conditions were bigger and better then the other day at IJmuiden. At times i was overpowerd, but when i wanted to switch for a smaller sail, the wind dropped. decided to stay put onto the 5.0m2. The waves were like amazing. In the back i had so much fun playing, riding the waves. Tommorow looks good too, but goign to spend that one with my family

woensdag 20 oktober 2010

IJmuiden sideshore 5-6-7 Beaufort- 20 october 2010

Another day @ Parad.... ehh IJmuiden.

I rigged my SOS 82 with P7 sado 5.0m2. Several people were saying every sailsize was good for today. From 4.0m2 to 6.2m2 Anything would work. The wind was soo gusty. ON and OFF the whole day. I planed so now and then.

I hardly do any jumps today. To less wind to come up with some good airtime. The waves were rolling in nicely. I didnt took my SOS92 with me today, that would of been the best size for today combined with a 5.4.

But you cant have always the best setup once your out there. I did had a few great waverides, at times i got tired from people dropping in, or being on the wave, and doing nothing with it, but making sure i couldnt rip it. For the second time i used my GoPro HD helmetcam, but , like 99% of all my files were corrupted, damaged, not possible to open.. pfff like 2 files from the 40 went out okay and the rest is wasted.. and deleted by now. I think my memorycard Sandisk extreme 32gb is defect or something.
But i got a few shots whats like

Next weekend looks promising! I love this years autumn.

maandag 18 oktober 2010

Good ole Zandvoort - 16 oktober 2010 -sideoffshore wind!

Sideoff North east wind and swell! Cant be better then that! hmms yes stronger winds.. but okay, i wont complain to much.. The wind was in a very ON and OFF mode. Rigged the 5.0m2, seeing Martijn de Man ripping with 5.4 on his Fanatic twinzer 93.. here below.

Once done rigging, and on the water.. i had like non power in my sail. tried 2 laps of swimming and changed to the tractor Sado 6.6m2 and placed my biggest wavefin underneeth my SOS 92.

hmm okay this is better.

But at times the wind was even to minimal for a 6.6m2! Today i had a few really nice waverides and I got to test out my gopro hd headcam.

i had troubles reading my sc card back home, so dont have any gopromuvee at all..Bummer. Still trying to get my files out though.

My dad came around and shot a bit of film with my photocamera!
So there is a bit proof left of these conditions.

In the morning hours the waves were bigger and the wind was stronger, but my bed was to comfy and got on to late. When i stopped, the wind got on again! pfff
Martijn the man and stimorolman did had their piece of cake in the morning hours.
Martijn even crashed the nose of his board with his knee, Yikes!

The forecasts coming week looks promising.

I seriously can use a stormy day to fullfill my needs!

donderdag 7 oktober 2010

7-10-2010 GoPro HD Camera

Won at an auction @ www.zuidwest6.nl , a GO PRO Helmet HERO HD camera for a really nice price.Next time ill try it out for sure! stay tuned

maandag 4 oktober 2010

Windsurfing with my sun @ Horst- sunny Sunday - 3 october 2010

A sunny sunday, offshore winds,southeast winddirection. Today I had first plans going to the sea, but instead i went of with my family to Strand Horst and gave my little boy another surflesson.

We took the Malibu with us, and his 1.5m2 nautix sail.

Most probably one of the last days for my son to go windsurfing this season as the watertemperature is getting colder. Although it was fun to be out there and see him improving. I strapped the GPS to the board so he could see how fast he was going.

His max speed was about 7.3kmh ;o) Next time he was planning to go 10kmh! Requires a bit more training. My wife and daughter were enjoying this lovely weather aswell and took some photographes.

I didnt have to do much, my one year old was rigging off the equipment with my 7yr old.

maandag 27 september 2010

side onshore conditions @ IJmuiden aan zee 25 september 2010

As i had plans for the late afternoon, I set my alarmclock around 7.00 am. Went off for an early morning session till about 2pm. The forecasts were great for this saterday. A decent swell upto 3 meters with 4-5-6-7 beaufort. Finally arrived, looking at the ocean, the wind was totally gone? bummer. I saw my friend Martijn walking back with his gear at the coastline..,..
it didnt look good at first...
Rigged up my 5.4m2 sado and put on my SOS 92 underneeth. While rigging, the conditions were getting better every minute. a bit sideshore with waves that were building up.

The wind changed to sideonshore really quickly. The waves were awesome at times. Had a a lot of front side waverides. It was very crowded though with kitesurfers and tuns of windsurfers. A lot of waves i had to let go, or i could not ride them because of other people riding anoyingly the same wave or were dropping in. Or rookie kiters were in my way with their fallen kites/lines.

But overall it was a really nice session. My dad came around in the afternoon for an hour and took a few pictures once again. Thanks dad! To bad there werent any big jumps and waverides taken on picture. My dad said to me he makes the best pictures at Wijk aan zee on the pear! Thats right though Lol. Well who knows we have a stormsession anytime soon. So i can let out my fave toy again (SOS68)

donderdag 16 september 2010

Speedsession @ Horst 15 september 2010

An unexpected speedsession. It wasnt really the plan to go surfing, but all of a sudden i had my mom in law, who wanted to babysit so i could go surfing ;o). And off we go. As the winddirection was to onshore for a wavesession and i was still a wreck from the crashes i had last night, i decided to out for a bit of speedsurfing on the lake. I rigged the naish stealth 6.0m2 combined with the fanatic falcon speed, and underneeth a select so7 elite speed fin 26cm.

Several hours i was nicely powered up and picked up some good gusts. I had 7 PR's with a max of 72.2kmh. Slowly im improving myself. But its still a long way to go before my goals are reached.

When i wanted to change to a caspar elite 25cm / smaller speedfin, the wind dropped (offcourse)

when the wind dropped, my surf (speedbuddy) Richard came around

Here below richard speeding away

I orderd a C3 slingshot 21cm speedfin the other day. It will take a few months before it gets to me, but im sure its worth the wait. It should be one of the fastests fins on the market. Cant wait to find out myself;