zondag 24 oktober 2010

Another sideshore day @ Wijk 23-10-2010

Oyeah a lot of sideshore ripping lately! Now from the other side. So off to Wijk for a short midday session.

Heard that tuns of people were waiting since the early morning, with offshore rainy cold circumstances and no wind.

My timing was good today. The wind was gusty. I rigged the same combo SOS82x5.0m2. The conditions were bigger and better then the other day at IJmuiden. At times i was overpowerd, but when i wanted to switch for a smaller sail, the wind dropped. decided to stay put onto the 5.0m2. The waves were like amazing. In the back i had so much fun playing, riding the waves. Tommorow looks good too, but goign to spend that one with my family

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