woensdag 20 oktober 2010

IJmuiden sideshore 5-6-7 Beaufort- 20 october 2010

Another day @ Parad.... ehh IJmuiden.

I rigged my SOS 82 with P7 sado 5.0m2. Several people were saying every sailsize was good for today. From 4.0m2 to 6.2m2 Anything would work. The wind was soo gusty. ON and OFF the whole day. I planed so now and then.

I hardly do any jumps today. To less wind to come up with some good airtime. The waves were rolling in nicely. I didnt took my SOS92 with me today, that would of been the best size for today combined with a 5.4.

But you cant have always the best setup once your out there. I did had a few great waverides, at times i got tired from people dropping in, or being on the wave, and doing nothing with it, but making sure i couldnt rip it. For the second time i used my GoPro HD helmetcam, but , like 99% of all my files were corrupted, damaged, not possible to open.. pfff like 2 files from the 40 went out okay and the rest is wasted.. and deleted by now. I think my memorycard Sandisk extreme 32gb is defect or something.
But i got a few shots whats like

Next weekend looks promising! I love this years autumn.

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