maandag 18 oktober 2010

Good ole Zandvoort - 16 oktober 2010 -sideoffshore wind!

Sideoff North east wind and swell! Cant be better then that! hmms yes stronger winds.. but okay, i wont complain to much.. The wind was in a very ON and OFF mode. Rigged the 5.0m2, seeing Martijn de Man ripping with 5.4 on his Fanatic twinzer 93.. here below.

Once done rigging, and on the water.. i had like non power in my sail. tried 2 laps of swimming and changed to the tractor Sado 6.6m2 and placed my biggest wavefin underneeth my SOS 92.

hmm okay this is better.

But at times the wind was even to minimal for a 6.6m2! Today i had a few really nice waverides and I got to test out my gopro hd headcam.

i had troubles reading my sc card back home, so dont have any gopromuvee at all..Bummer. Still trying to get my files out though.

My dad came around and shot a bit of film with my photocamera!
So there is a bit proof left of these conditions.

In the morning hours the waves were bigger and the wind was stronger, but my bed was to comfy and got on to late. When i stopped, the wind got on again! pfff
Martijn the man and stimorolman did had their piece of cake in the morning hours.
Martijn even crashed the nose of his board with his knee, Yikes!

The forecasts coming week looks promising.

I seriously can use a stormy day to fullfill my needs!

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