maandag 4 oktober 2010

Windsurfing with my sun @ Horst- sunny Sunday - 3 october 2010

A sunny sunday, offshore winds,southeast winddirection. Today I had first plans going to the sea, but instead i went of with my family to Strand Horst and gave my little boy another surflesson.

We took the Malibu with us, and his 1.5m2 nautix sail.

Most probably one of the last days for my son to go windsurfing this season as the watertemperature is getting colder. Although it was fun to be out there and see him improving. I strapped the GPS to the board so he could see how fast he was going.

His max speed was about 7.3kmh ;o) Next time he was planning to go 10kmh! Requires a bit more training. My wife and daughter were enjoying this lovely weather aswell and took some photographes.

I didnt have to do much, my one year old was rigging off the equipment with my 7yr old.

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