maandag 27 september 2010

side onshore conditions @ IJmuiden aan zee 25 september 2010

As i had plans for the late afternoon, I set my alarmclock around 7.00 am. Went off for an early morning session till about 2pm. The forecasts were great for this saterday. A decent swell upto 3 meters with 4-5-6-7 beaufort. Finally arrived, looking at the ocean, the wind was totally gone? bummer. I saw my friend Martijn walking back with his gear at the coastline..,..
it didnt look good at first...
Rigged up my 5.4m2 sado and put on my SOS 92 underneeth. While rigging, the conditions were getting better every minute. a bit sideshore with waves that were building up.

The wind changed to sideonshore really quickly. The waves were awesome at times. Had a a lot of front side waverides. It was very crowded though with kitesurfers and tuns of windsurfers. A lot of waves i had to let go, or i could not ride them because of other people riding anoyingly the same wave or were dropping in. Or rookie kiters were in my way with their fallen kites/lines.

But overall it was a really nice session. My dad came around in the afternoon for an hour and took a few pictures once again. Thanks dad! To bad there werent any big jumps and waverides taken on picture. My dad said to me he makes the best pictures at Wijk aan zee on the pear! Thats right though Lol. Well who knows we have a stormsession anytime soon. So i can let out my fave toy again (SOS68)

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