dinsdag 14 september 2010

7-8 beaufort @ Wijk aan Zee. Dark session 14 september 2010

I managed to get a few hours off from work. Late in the afternoon i was blessed driving from one trafficjam to another. More then 2 hours later i arrived finally at the beach. The wind was picking up nicely.
Around 7pm the wind was peaking.

winddirection 14-09-2010

Rigged the Point 7 Sado 4.5m2 and my SOS 82L. HAd my piece of fun. A few big jumps and tried several backloops. One of them i landed hard on my back. Ouch. Did a few nice frontside waverides. Waves were logohigh to masthigh. It was cool seeing my old surffriend Steven! He temporarely moved away to Aruba, and was back here in the country for a few weeks. Steven was frontlooping in front of me. Great to see. Robin and Torben were also ripping. When darkness came in around 8.20 pm.I couldnt see much anymore. and could not see how high i was in the air, got more difficulty landing my jumps, as i didnt knew really when the impact was coming. i guess it was time to stop.

;o) A powerfull short dark session. GREAT!

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