donderdag 16 september 2010

Speedsession @ Horst 15 september 2010

An unexpected speedsession. It wasnt really the plan to go surfing, but all of a sudden i had my mom in law, who wanted to babysit so i could go surfing ;o). And off we go. As the winddirection was to onshore for a wavesession and i was still a wreck from the crashes i had last night, i decided to out for a bit of speedsurfing on the lake. I rigged the naish stealth 6.0m2 combined with the fanatic falcon speed, and underneeth a select so7 elite speed fin 26cm.

Several hours i was nicely powered up and picked up some good gusts. I had 7 PR's with a max of 72.2kmh. Slowly im improving myself. But its still a long way to go before my goals are reached.

When i wanted to change to a caspar elite 25cm / smaller speedfin, the wind dropped (offcourse)

when the wind dropped, my surf (speedbuddy) Richard came around

Here below richard speeding away

I orderd a C3 slingshot 21cm speedfin the other day. It will take a few months before it gets to me, but im sure its worth the wait. It should be one of the fastests fins on the market. Cant wait to find out myself;

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