maandag 15 augustus 2011

New Point-7 Wavesails Sado 2012 and Omega boom arrived!!

It took a while but finally my newest Point-7 wavesails Sado 2g 2012 arrived!!! 4.5/5.0/5.4/6.4m2.
I had a little rigsession at home, 5.0m2 Sado 2g.

A few detailshots...


i tried it at first with the recommended settings. +12cm on the streamlined (+recommended P7 srdm 400 c100)

As you can see here with these settings there is very less loose leech and a lot of profile/belly. Powersails indeed.

I tried aswell settings +14cm on the srdm 430.

Unpacked a new boom aswell. I've orderd the Point-7 Honeycomb Omega carbon, but inside the package there was a aluminium/Ergal omega version that was accidently send out. Bummer though. Hopefully soon they'll send the correct boom that ive orderd. For an aluminium boom, this one looks very neat. Made some pictures from it and packed it again for the pickup delivery.
you can read here some more interesting stuff about this boom

hey thats no carrrrrrrrbon.. ;o)

Well thats it for now, enjoy the pictures. Next time it will be windsurfing ones :-)

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