zondag 11 september 2011

Quad vs Trifin !? Sunday 11th September 2011 Wijk aan zee

I had 2 boards to try out this sunday! As i had been searching for a good replacement for my S.O.S.Rocket 92, which i recently sold.. i was able to borrow a witchcraft V3.0 92L trifin and a Quatro Quad LS95! exactly the type of boards i had in mind.
Can you see the differences in the bottumshape? A total other concept.

But first things first. Got to take them out on the water :-)
Sunday 11 september i headed to wijk aan zee.

The conditions were unfortunately quite minimal but sideshore.

Rigged the 5.4m2 sado 2g.
a few GOPRO shots!

A sunny session it was. The board feels very loose on the water, but yet gives enough lift cause the 4 fins. It doesnt brake out in the bottomturns. The stance was a bit wide for me.. but ill change that anytime soon.

When i wanted to change the quad 95 for a trifin 92L the wind dropped. Later on the day i gave the witchcraft V3.0 back to its original happy owner Jeroen G. He wasnt selling his board anyway ;o)
I think i find a very good replacement with this Quatro Quad LS95.

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