maandag 12 september 2011

12 september 2011. Eveningsession@ horst

session_date maandag 12 september 2011
Spot Wolderwijd - Strand Horst, Netherlands
Board AB+ 59 Slalom, 2009
Zeil Point-7 AC-1 2K11 6.3, 2011
Fin C3 Venom 30
Type GPS Navi GT-31

Gemiddelde snelheid 64,49 kmh ( 66,27 66,16 65,31 62,78 61,96 )
Max. 2 sec. (software) 69,95 kmh
100 m run 68,16 kmh
250 m run 65,72 kmh
500 m run 62,08 kmh
Nautische mijl 47,12 kmh
1 uur 26,71 kmh
Alpha racing 38,87 kmh
Afstand 49 km
Duur 01:34:00
Windsnelheid 17 - 32 knots
Wind richting SW ( 270)

The eveningsessions are getting shorter each time...For the first time today i went on my AB+59 (95L), it took some time getting used to it, but quickly a max GPS 70.30kmh was shown on the gps. Very pleased with the board. I sold my Fanatic Falcon 102L. Instead i have now a smaller one 95L for 7.2m2 and still searching for a bigger sized slalom board with approximately 107 upto 112L for my 7.9m2 only. A bit more float, a bit more comfort, perhaps ill go for a freerace board next season. I'm happy to have my AB+ range complete(almost)! AB+46,AB+54,AB+59! only an AB+67 is missing here.
For an better average this evening, I needed a bit more time. But it got dark so soon. Ended up sailing alone in the dark, with my dark sails :-). Windspeeds were about 17-32 knots in a southwest direction.

Missed out a huge stormsession @ Wijk.. :-(

Windspeeds max 27,4m/s 53knots !!! Unbelievable.. cant believe i missed out (again) cause of Worrrrrrrrrrrrk.

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