vrijdag 19 oktober 2012

Boardkings/Essential windsurf -Roadtrip Ireland begins!

getting the bus fully packed!!! 32boards,78 sails, 47 booms, and more and more.. loaded! Im taking with me on this trip, my Quatro Quad LS95 and LS85 + Point-7 Swags and Salts 2013. 4.2/4.6/5.2/5.6/+ 5-Oceans lightwind 5Batten 6.2. Coming saterday and sunday looks promising, especially sunday with 4 mtr swell and 6 beaufort.. from monday on swell but no wind.. just have to wait it out and go max whenever possible coming week! Stoked!
Supported aswell by Maui Ultra Fins! Thanks Timm!
The guys were building racks inside to make sure nothing gets damaged during their roadtrip. im taking the plane saterday morning with most of theother guys. PEter and Renee arer driving the Van to Ireland.
+ a big thanks to all the other sponsors for this boardkings/essential windsurfexpedition! Unifiber, Severne, RRD, Maui Ultra Fins, Essentialstore.nl Thanks Unifiber aswell for letting us borrow the Canon photocamera with the huge zoomlens! Stay tuned for more footage!

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