donderdag 20 september 2012

PURE SALTYNESS - Point-7 2013 in da house!

Anyways... the other day i got my shizzle in for the coming season ! OYEAH BABY Looking RADICAL!
Unpacked them ASAP!Point-7 SALT 2013
SALT 2G or 3g?
Rigged some of them allready. Point-7 SALT 3G 5.6m2.I used the srdm 400 + carbon streamlined extension set at the recommended +30cm, i find that a bit much though. Next time ill use 28cm for sure.
A lot of loose leech allready and it wasnt maximally pulled.
Weight of the new salt 5.6m2? 3.85kg. which is lighter then my former sado 2g 5.4m2!excited to try them out on the wijkiki playground!

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