zondag 30 september 2012

29-9-2012. Cruising at The lake

Had a busy day. But found the time to surf max 1:45 hours in the afternoon before i had to rush home again. :-)
I wanted to improve my gps pr on the hour. Its like 31kmh so far. But it didnt work out today. To many windless moments. Ended up with an hour of 30kmh. ;-) just 1kmh below my pr.
I didnt do any downruns or whatsoever. Just cruising up and down the lakes, endless jibing for max 1:45 hour non stop. I didnt fell of once. :-)).
Mistral AB+ 123L
About the sail i was using 7.9m2 AC1 2k12. Is such an inprovement to the former ac1 2k11 . They feel lighter in hands and the rotation is so much better now. Havent done any speed/downruns with it but someday i will and see how fast i can go with them. I do need to try out a wider boom one of these days. On a al360 e3 carbon waveboom160-220. The sail hits the boom to easily and i always have to pull the uphaul a bit more then needed. So it wont go far over the boom. Anyways it was a nice day to be on the water again. Todays windstatistics on the spot 12-21knots max.

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